Livia to Reduce Menstrual Pains without Painkillers?

Let’s be honest: period is not the happiest time in the life of a woman. In addition to a huge amount of all the known inconveniences, almost every second woman feels strong pain. Of course, analgesics can be helpful in case of an emergency. However, a cunning woman’s body has the ability to adapt to medications, so some ladies can try all the analgesics available at their local pharmacy in a couple of years’ time. And in general, being addicted to medicines is neither good nor healthy. There are people, who are trying to find a global solution to this problem. For example, “the button switching off menstrual pain” will be available soon.


More than a half of the girls and women around the world experience pain of varying intensity during their menstruation days. Someone complains of a slight indisposition, while someone loses consciousness from a pain shock. Anyone, who has faced with the harsh reality of women’s life, should address the newest invention of Israeli academics called Livia.


Livia is practically a button that can mute menstrual pain. The device really looks like a bright little button or an mp3-player. However, instead of headphones it is equipped with two electrodes, which do not look threatening as you might imagine. Livia should be attached to the waist; the electrodes with soft silicone pads should be attached to the body at the level of the ovaries. As soon as the woman turns on the device, the pain disappears.


The development is based on the so-called “gate theory” or blockers of pain: a painless impulse “closes the door” of the nerves, and as a result the pain signal does not reach the central nervous system. The brain simply “cannot hear” the pain. So Livia generates completely painless impulses that distract the nerves from pain signals.


Livia offers a simple and safe solution to menstrual pain. Without pills, without habituation and side effects. The device can be used as much as needed and without discomfort. It is easy to hide under clothing. Besides, you can save money on buying medications!


The Livia “button” not only switches off pain, but it also looks nice and is available in various feminine colors and with interchangeable silicone covers.


Livia project started on the indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Though the development team still has two months before the end of the fundraising period, Livia has already collected one and a half times more money than initially planned.