Benetton Lingerie and Beachwear Collection 2009

New lingerie and beachwear collection (spring-summer 2009 season) from Benetton is filled with summer freshness and lightness. Find out what this famous brand has prepared for women this season.

Benetton Summer Lingerie Collection

Underwear collection is highlighted with comfortable cotton pajamas and feminine bras in combination with male boxers in soft pastel white and purple colors for ladies.

Benetton Pajama

Benetton Lingerie

Beachwear, in contrast, is bright, filled with solid colors and prints of exotic flowers.

Benetton Rainbow Bikini

The collection consists of various models, starting from bikinis and expanding to one-piece swimsuits, which can be easily worn with other models presented in the collection, such as tunics, dresses, wide brim hats, and beach bags.

Benetton One Piece Swimsuit

Benetton Dotted Bikini

Benetton Blue Tunic

Benetton Underwear

Benetton Bikini and Tunic

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