The Upside Down Bikini Trend: Could You Show Less Please?

This is another hot trend during the autumn cold snap. Do you think the remaining summer heat is not the best time for a new bikini trend? You are wrong: at least bloggers and models don’t think so. During less than three months of summer, the girls got tired of ordinary swimsuits, and nothing new has been invented so far.

It turns out that a transforming swimsuit is in almost any wardrobe – these are ordinary bikinis. Yet you have to wear them upside down: the bottom of the swimsuit should be in the upper part.

There is no single way of how to do this: women of fashion experiment and happily demonstrate this on social networks. This method began to flicker on Instagram back in 2018 for the first time, and many consider Italian model Valentina Fredagrada to be its “pioneer”.

This method turns the bikini into a kind of “push-up”: the breasts are lifted. The bottom part is also exposed: this trend is also called underboob. It can be seen not only in the photos of bloggers: Irina Shayk, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga and others adore it.

Would you venture to appear on the beach in a bikini worn upside down?

Speaking about this trend, we cannot help but recall the hammocks for breasts. They were invented in order to make life easier for women with large sizes.

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