Beauty Products You Use that May Be Toxic

The beauty industry is anything but beautiful. In the pursuit of beauty and eternal youth, you are willing to spend your hard-earned money on the latest beauty products that claim to clear, beautify, and rejuvenate your skin. Your beauty routine is at least ten steps long, and words like toner, emulsion, or serum are no strangers to you. But are you aware of the dangers hidden inside those fancy and overpriced beauty containers? In this article, you will have a look at some of your favorite beauty products you use that might be toxic for your skin and body.

Make-up Products

Because the face is the most sensitive area of the body, people tend to use more products on it than on the rest of their body. Make-up products like foundation, BB creams, and CC creams, mascara, lip liner, and lip gloss, eyeliner, blush, setting powder are some of the most used beauty products and some of the most toxic ones. They can contain harmful chemicals such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and propylene glycol – these chemicals affect the endocrine system, the environment, and even the reproductive system. Other commonly found harmful ingredients are parabens. They provoke an increase in estrogen, an action commonly associated with an increased risk of skin and breast cancer.

Skincare Products

Probably the most up and coming and profitable branch of the beauty industry at the moment, skincare, hides behind it an ugly truth. Most of these miracle creams and lotions contain less than mediocre and harmful ingredients for your skin. Sulfates, formaldehyde, parabens, drying alcohols are often found inside products like cleansers, face and eye creams, serums, and so on. These chemicals can cause irritations, dryness, itching, redness, vulnerability to acne, speeding of the aging process, and even cancer. While these effects might not be visible in the beginning, with time, they can cause irreparable damages.

Body Products

Last but not least, on the list are the body products. Anything from body lotions, sprays, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners, nail polishes, perfumes, and so on can contain harmful ingredients. Before buying any body products, check the ingredient list for styrene, benzyl salicylate, oxybenzone, coumarin, BHT, citral, lilial, propylparaben, butylparaben. All these ingredients listed here, as well as the others mentioned above, should be avoided at all costs. If you are not sure about which ingredients are adequate and which ones are dangerous for you, simply check your body’s natural response to them. Whether the redness, the dryness, or the unpleasant smell, these are all indicators that your beauty products contain toxic ingredients for you. The moment you notice any of these symptoms, remove the guilty product from your shelf.

Finally, while the beauty industry is filled with many money-hungry companies that are willing to sacrifice their customers’ health in the pursuit of enrichment, there are also many great companies fighting to provide the best products and ingredients for their clients. Look out for natural alternatives such as organic CBD beauty products. They exist and can be just as functional, without compromising your health, which, after all, is the main trait in such products.

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