5 Swimsuits Trends to Try In 2021

Are you feeling drained after a hectic work week? Then why don’t you head out on holiday this weekend? When you change the weather and your surroundings, you will most definitely feel energized and rejuvenated. The best holiday idea would be to a sunny beach, enjoy a chilled coconut drink and get that sweet tan!

Before you pack your bags, have you decided what swimsuit to wear to the beach? Check out the hottest swimsuit trends of 2021 and find the one that’s made for you:

The Animal Prints

Animal prints have been a hit among people for a long time now. In 2021, the animal motif has made its way into the swimwear category and currently is quite popular. You can find this print on one piece swimsuit as well as two pieces and bikinis.

You can explore your wild side with a bold cheetah, leopard, jaguar, tiger or a zebra print. This style is likely to stick around for a while.

Try the Frills

The newest style in fashion town is the frilled swimsuits. Frilled swimsuits are one of the cutest and elegant styles to try out in 2021. Long and wide ruffles along the neckline look very trendy. The short frill along the neckline or sleeves are quite pretty too.

You will also find frills among all the different styles of swimwear. A frilled swimwear with floral motifs looks pretty fancy!

Buckle Up!

Another latest trend in swimwear is belts. For 2021, designers have decided to add a belt and buckle to swimwear to up its style quotient. The belt not only makes it more stylish, but it is also adjustable. So this type of swimwear will be very comfortable and a good fit for your body.

Both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits come in this style. You can pick a solid colour swimsuit to highlight the belt.

Keyhole Design

Are you looking for a style that’s sexy but not excessively revealing? Then keyhole cut-out swimsuits are the one for you.

This particular design has a hole cut out near your belly or just under the bust sports a hole on the sides. The keyhole cut-out design only comes with one-piece swimsuits. So if you are a fan of one piece, you might want to try out this style.

Various prints and motifs are available in this style as well.

Explore Textures

Textured fabrics are the brand new entry in the world of swimwear. If you feel like experimenting, you can try the velvet, ribbed, or neoprene materials for your swimsuit. Neoprene is thick material with a tight fit. On the other hand, velvet swimsuits will be very soft and even gives you a luxurious look. Ribbed swimsuits are tight but stretchable.

You can go for cotton as well, but chlorine, salt, sun and sea can affect it. So it’s not well suited for beach wearing.

Final Thought

Hopefully, with this guide to your aid, you can find the most insta-worthy style for the upcoming beach season!

Author: Aparna Chatterjee

This is Aparna a freelance Mom Lifestyle blogger, Author of Latest Lifestyle Trends and a married mother who lives in Kolkata, India. In the last few years, I’ve been lucky to turn my passions into full-time work both online and offline in sales and marketing, writing and editing, with plans to leave the workforce and focus on working online and staying home with my son.

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