Rihanna Forgives Chris Brown, Going to Marry Him

Nobody knows what’s going on between Rihanna and Chris Brown. But tabloids and TV channels express no doubts that the smitten couple is going to tie the knot soon. JustJared says that after the couple returned from Miami where Chris and battered by him Rihanna reconciled at Didy’s beach mansion the lovers are keeping a low profile.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunion

Rihanna reportedly let Chris get away with the beating. If that’s not enough, she is going to marry him now. The singer even withdrew her police report in Los Angeles. On March 5, Chris arrived at the court and stayed there no more than an hour. It was reported soon after that the hearing was rescheduled for April 6.

The police is not going to be that forgiving to Chris Brown who was charged with domestic violence. In case the blood taken by L.A. police from the hood of Brown’s car at the night of the assault happens to be Rihanna’s, the 19-year old singer will be arrested anyway.

Meantime Rihanna and Chris got into the studio to record a duo love ballad. Studio staff says the lovers are enjoying mutual understanding.

Source of the image: pastrykicks.com.

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