Rihanna Is Fine, Her Family Says

RihannaAccording to unofficial sources, Rihanna alleged to police that Chris Brown – during their argument – choked her until she fainted. The Umbrella hit performer is cooperating with the police after she received beating from her boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna added he threatened to kill her when they argued.

An insider says Chris gripped Rihanna by the throat when she tossed the car keys out of the window. They were returning from the party in Chris’s rented Lamborghini. He failed to find the keys and threw himself at Rihanna. Police reports say she got serious injuries, including bruises on her face and traces of bites.

The incident forced Rihanna to cancel her 21st birthday party and some shows on her tour. Her family reassures the fans that Rihanna is well. Rihanna’s grandmother Clara Brathwaite says: “I don’t want people to worry. Rihanna is fine and she is doing well.” As far as the police is concerned, it will issue no comments as long as the investigation is going on.

Photo of Rihanna: vivreboutique.wordpress.com.

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