How to Become Popular

Red CarpetWhile some people can’t become friendly with their colleagues and acquaintances no matter what they do, others make friends easily. Quite often, favorites don’t have beautiful or handsome looks. Neither are they brilliant speakers or talented people. Their secret lies in good genes.

Popularity and Genes

Gene experts supposed that the gift to attract attention and be in limelight is “programmed” ability like intellect and character. It means that this phenomenon is rooted in our DNA. Scientists got the insight when they were observing the behavior of apes, our closest evolutionary “relatives”. Namely, Robert Wright, evolutionary psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania, found that the leaders of chimpanzee pack had higher levels of serotonin compared to other apes. It occurred to the scientists that he could also establish the link between hierarchy status and hormones among humans. According to his genetic studies conducted among students, college informal leaders had higher serotonin levels in the blood compared to non-leaders.

Becoming the Leader

However the link between serotonin and social status became clear, it doesn’t suggest that our social position is genetically pre-determined. For example, a politician who was elected president or an actor who woke up celebrity have normal serotonin levels before they got into spotlight. Wright says that the nature doesn’t train leaders. According to the scientist, the nature gives an opportunity of becoming a leader and drives us to leadership providing support when we need it.

Leadership Hormones

Therefore, the hormone points to higher status and helps maintain it rather than pre-determines it. In addition, serotonin is not the only leadership hormone. There are other biochemical elements involved such as testosterone, adrenalin-noradrenalin ratio and oxitocine.

Popularity and Nonconformity

Scientists found another curious link. Popularity is always accompanied by nonconformity. For example, student leaders were more likely to reject established standards and break the rules. Gene experts believe that provocative behavior is a kind of social signal saying about leadership potential and higher hormonal status.

This study clearly explains why movies with “bad guys” as main characters are so popular or why Britney Spears enjoys that much success.

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