Women Like Bad Guys

As often as not, women criticize narcissistic, egoistic, and insolent fellows. A study held by scientists from a university in New Mexico State, Las-Cruses city, showed, however, that women can not resist the brazens’ and egoists’ charms and are not looking for a real prince. This fact was confirmed by the study with over 200 student participants.


The tests were designed to determine, how well were the “bad” characteristics apparent in the people they observed: psychopathic impulsivity, passion for exciting experience along with hard-heartedness toward people, willingness to use others for ones own interests, self-admiration. In addition, the students answered questionnaires about their attitude toward sexual relationships and their own sex life; in particular they reported, how many partners they had and whether they mostly seek short-term relationships.

Insolent and egoistic men attract women easier.

The researchers discovered, that those fellows, who received the greatest number of points on the “bad triad” character scale, had the highest number of partners but were absolutely not a long-term relationship material. Their relationships were numerous and random. Those facts were proven in a number of other studies as well.

It seems like we, women, prefer men who treat us the least seriously. And what kind of men do you prefer?

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