Myths about Cream Foundation

Perfectly Toned Face SkinCream makeup foundation dries skin, it clogs pores, creates a “mask” on the face – most of those myths are faulty. Beauty industry is in continuous progress; modern tone creams not only hide skin imperfections, are not visible once applied, but they take care of the skin as well. This article refutes common myths about the foundation product. So, use tone creams freely.

Tone Cream Clogs Pores

Modern cream foundations and the creams once used by our grandmothers have absolutely nothing in common. Most of the modern tone creams contain silicon, which does not stick directly to skin but rather creates a tiny web over the skin, protecting it and ensuring sufficient air circulation. The pigmentation particles in the cream are so tiny that they are simply physically unable to clog pores.

Cream Foundation Creates a “Mask” on the Face

If you’ve picked a wrong tone colour, it will in fact look like a mask once applied. It is better to choose the tone using trial-and-error method. Come to the store wearing no makeup and apply various foundation tones directly on your skin. You should check how the tone looks in daylight and artificial lightning, as sometimes the shading of the tone depends on the lightning.

Foundation is Bad for Skin

If you forget to remove the makeup before going to bed, it is surely not good for your skin. As for the rest of the cases, the modern foundations not only moisturise skin, but also protect it from harmful environment influences. Most of foundation creams contain solar-control factors – it is important to keep in mind, that one should always protect themselves from the sun, in summer as well as in winter. Sun is the main contributor to the skin aging. In winter, when cold wind and frost attack our skin, foundation helps it fight back to those attacks.

If I Don’t Have Acne, then I Don’t Need Foundation

Perfect skin can be probably seen only in few children, when they are still infants. Rest of humans, unfortunately, have skin imperfections. Those shortcomings may be small spots, burst vessels, clogged pores, dark circles, bags under eyes and so on. If you prefer natural look, a light base, created using a light foundation and transparent powder, may be enough for you. An evening makeup, on the other hand, requires some tone cream.

What Matters Is the Cream, Not How You Apply It

The application technique depends on the type of the cream and the effect you wish to accomplish. Before applying the tone cream, make sure the day cream is completely absorbed, otherwise the tone will spread unevenly. Tomorrow you will learn, how to apply various types of tone creams.

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