5 Reasons to Get a Breast Screening

Breasts are a real object of female pride. However, many care exclusively about their splendor and elasticity while completely forgetting about health – as long as it doesn’t hurt! However, the absence of alarming symptoms is not a reason to refuse to see a mammologist. Here are five reasons to get a breast screening.

When taking oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy

If you are just planning to start taking hormonal drugs, you should definitely check your breasts before that. The fact is that against the background of taking medications, the already existing mammary gland pathology can worsen. Therefore, a conscientious gynecologist should also prescribe screening of the mammary glands before prescribing COCs and HRT.

When having problems with lactation

New mothers who do not yet have breastfeeding experience often need a mammologist’s help. Today, so-called milk nurses can also do this, as well as specialists in pre-childbirth courses.

However, different things happen, so when the first problems with lactation appear, it is better not to wait and immediately contact a mammologist. Mastitis is insidious because it develops very quickly.

Before plastic surgery

When planning the installation of implants in the mammary gland or bust reduction, a breast screening is simply necessary. A good result of the operation depends on the well-coordinated joint work of a plastic surgeon and a mammologist. A full examination will help eliminate many difficulties in the future.

When planning IVF

Today, more and more reproductologists recommend examining the mammary gland before the IVF protocol. Since hormonal stimulation is performed before IVF, if a woman has an existing pathology, there can be an exacerbation.

Before planning a pregnancy

Today, more and more girls approach motherhood consciously. Before pregnancy, they try to visit a mammologist, get recommendations on breastfeeding and make sure that everything is in order with the mammary gland.

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