Filler Moustache: Reasons and Treatment

Filler mustache is a side effect that occurs when the dosage of hyaluronic acid is incorrect. The skin “bulging” strip above the upper lip shouldn’t really be there. Others get the impression that the lips are outlined by something from above, or a strange shadow falls on them. Let’s have a talk about the reasons and treatment for the filler moustache.

One of the reasons for the appearance of such a mustache is the wrong technique for introducing the gel. Because of this, the filler gets deeper than necessary. Another reason has to do with gel migration due to “overload”. This situation occurs due to frequent injections when the patient is chasing a large volume that is not characteristic of the original anatomy of his lips. The skin seems to burst from the amount of substance.

This is especially evident in the case of celebrities who make their lips bigger and bigger. They include Christina Aguilera, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox.

In the case of connective tissue dysplasia, there is also a risk of “overloading” with gel. Therefore, patients with dysplasia shouldn’t resort to this procedure to avoid possible complications.

Another reason for gel migration is an overly active orbicular muscle of the mouth, which gradually pushes the gel upward. Most often, this is due to non-compliance with important rules by patients. For the first three days, you must not touch or bite your lips, do not kiss or massage them.

Naturally, a good professional and a suitable filler will help avoid the risk of the appearance of mustaches: it must be specially created for working with lips. If you have active facial expressions, you need to slightly relax the lips with botulinum toxin to relieve the excessive tone in this area.

Of course, a lot will also depend on the client – when correcting appearance, it is important to know when to stop. Moreover, naturalness is becoming increasingly relevant: most stars minimally fix their faces and do not try to change them completely. Moreover, some even decide to reduce the size of their lips – after a series of unsuccessful solutions.

If the gel still acted wrong and “grew” under the skin, nothing is lost. The “old” filler can be dissolved with the help of a special enzymatic preparation – it removes the excess, helping to get rid of puffiness and eliminate asymmetry.

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