6 Surprising Habits That Mean You’re Smart

A knowledgeable person will never emphasize their intellectual superiority over others, but we often instinctively determine which acquaintance of ours has a great mind. Many evaluate themselves from the standpoint of false modesty and increased criticality. However, you can look your own habits aside in order to realize and accept your strengths. What preferences in everyday life and behavior will become a true sign that you have an intelligent person in front of you?

Who can be considered an intellectual?

All people are unique, and it is difficult to unequivocally judge the level of IQ by words and actions alone. It is worth noting that the concept of “being smart” is ambiguous. Someone brilliantly solves complex mathematical problems, but cannot maintain a conversation about the latest news in art-house cinema. The wide outlook of others really strikes, but they are naive as children in common everyday things.

Some are naturally perceptive: in their case, quick wit and sharp mind are worth several years of academic education. Finally, in the modern world, it is impossible to single out the signs which clearly show whether a person is involved in a cultural context. The information field is huge: you may not know a single author who received the Nobel Prize in Literature being extremely well-read and intelligent.

So what unites intellectuals? The ability to perceive and interpret information, build logical connections, and the desire to learn new skills and gain new knowledge – in other words, brain activity, which cannot but have external manifestations in everyday life.

Suppose we accept that life is a system with its own orders, rules, and planning, where nothing happens by chance and you can always trace the cause-and-effect relationships between events. In that case, an intelligent person will be able to understand the system. If you have chaos in your life and lack certainty and a convenient schedule, you do not control your life. An intelligent person will not allow this.

A thinking woman has everything planned. She is successful in the main roles of a wife, mother, employee or entrepreneur and skillfully balances them. At the same time, the ability to find resources for all important matters, keep the house in order, take care of others, and not forget about oneself indicates the presence of a developed intellect, both mental and emotional.

So, what specific signs can help you recognize a smart person?

Lack of ultimatum judgments

Speech is the first thing that allows you to judge intelligence. However, its cleanliness and literacy are not the main indicators. Smart erudite often do not disdain strong or vulgar expressions, are not embarrassed by the peculiarities of diction, mix high and low style.

Appropriateness, precision, sometimes humor, rhythmic organization and the intensity of the monologue are what guide them. Much more important are the nuances of the content. An intelligent person will never say “This is a bad picture. Why is it on the museum wall?” But the individuality of perception will rather be emphasized: “I don’t really like the style of this artist.”

Introductory phrases like “I suppose”, “It seems to me”, and “I may be wrong, but …”, soften the wording and, most importantly – give immense opportunities for filigree irony. The main message is not to avoid directness for the sake of politeness. Being ready to change your mind or at least understand the opposite point of view, go beyond your limits, and consider the phenomenon from the other side are the characteristics of a mature mind.

Respect for yourself and your needs

Dedicate at least an hour a day to yourself. These can be daily rituals: reading books, meditation, physical activity, proper nutrition, or body care. The opportunity to take a break from routine matters, at least for a while, allows you to develop your intellect, thinking, and intuition.

Unwillingness to fall under the influence of others

“What will others think?” is a question that does not exist for an intellectual. Having your own opinion, taste, and the habit of focusing only on yourself will not allow you not to buy a handbag just because your favorite actress has one. A hairstyle, a wardrobe, or a perfume will not be changed merely for friends’ or partners’ approval.

The same is true about views and occupations. Moreover, the remarks of others rarely affect smart people’s moods. Attention will be given only to criticism that a person considers constructive.

Indifference to price tags on clothes

It is a delusion to think that appearance is completely unimportant for intelligent people. Playing with images, beauty, and individual style goes hand in hand with intellect. The secret is that people with out-of-the-box thinking do not seek self-affirmation via sending straightforward signals.

They don’t care what to wear – an outfit with premium labels or a dress from a grandmother’s chest – as long as the final look matches their aesthetic feeling. This is probably why any clothes look expensive on them.

Non-standard organization of space

In mass consciousness, chaos in the workplace is associated with being a genius. This is not entirely true, but there is a grain of truth in this generalization. An intellectual’s desk or studio doesn’t have to be filthy and cluttered: ten half-empty coffee cups with pencils sticking out of them is just one of the options.

The main thing is that the space is tailored to the owner’s needs. This person knows where to look for something and finds them without looking. What seems like a mess or a heap of hiding places from the outside is convenient and understandable for him.

Love of entertainment

Being enthusiastic about games is a sign of a non-sleeping intellect. The choice of entertainment depends on tastes: go to the quest room with friends, ride the attractions, play music, or dance. The reason is that consciousness is saturated with fresh impressions during activities that disrupt the daily routine, and new neural connections are built in the brain in an unfamiliar environment.

Therefore, the desire to have fun, and not just work, speaks not of frivolity and infantilism but of quickness of mind.

There are many different signs of intelligence, but there is something that unites all smart people: communicating with them is pure pleasure.

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