8 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life

How can you understand that you are wasting your life? Many of us are as busy as a bee. They are constantly rushing somewhere, doing something, and making some plans. Sometimes you need to stop. At least in order to ask yourself an important question: am I moving in the right direction at all?

How far have you moved away from your own ideals and goals, which are usually laid down in childhood? Everything is clear if you wanted to become a great athlete or a businesswoman, but instead, you lead a gray and inconspicuous life. So, what are the non-obvious signs that you are moving away from the life of your dreams?

Your relatives tell you how to live your life

You are still doing the will of your parents or, even worse, you live with them and they give you money. If parents decide what time you should be at home, with whom you should have a relationship, where to work and relax, and with whom to communicate, then this is the end to your cherished dreams. It is impossible to realize your dreams in such conditions.

You have a monotonous and boring life

“Groundhog Day”. Monotony, habits and daily rituals. From Monday to Friday, you’ve got nothing but household chores and work. On weekends, you visit friends or relatives. And it suits you. You are not at all striving for self-development and change. A kind of comfort and complete predictability.

It is extremely difficult to get out of such a “swamp”, because this requires a decision that is scary to make. You may not believe it, but people still try to bring something new to life. And they succeed!

You don’t visit new places

You don’t meet new people. When a person remembers their best moments, they are definitely not at home or at work. Usually, these are completely new countries and new places. Take advantage of this opportunity! Intense impressions are produced not by package tours to standard hotels but by independent traveling. Even meeting new people in your city motivates you to take a fresh look at what you have already achieved.

You spend a lot of time discussing other people’s lives and gossiping

This also includes endless scrolling of the social media newsfeed. There are stars, beautiful people, money, and realized dreams. As the saying goes, “We don’t have our own life, so at least we’ll look at someone else’s.”

If you do this, most likely, you “had a difficult time” in childhood. You were suppressed for a long time; you felt insignificant. This attitude can be “repaired” with the help of a psychologist.

Immersion in the past, according to the correct algorithm, rehabilitates self-esteem. After that, copying someone is no longer attractive at all. You want to try and experiment, getting your own unique experience.

Other people’s success makes you jealous and irritated

You waste your time trying to stop a person you consider successful. You criticize and devalue them under various pretexts. You focus on finding faults rather than on learning from the more successful ones. The accumulated failures of the past shape this attitude.

Every time you compare yourself with someone, you look like an outsider in your mind. Again and again. This leads to sadness and irritation. Correct psychotechniques clean up failures and remove such a reaction. As a result, you get other guidelines.

You’re chasing the props of a “successful person”

Namely: money, status, recognition, admiration, praise, beautiful pictures on social networks, high society, the latest smartphone, fashion handbags, brands and so on.

Therapy usually reveals that these are all imposed goals. A person took them not because he wanted to, but because it is approved by society. Such a person usually does not have the will, and does not strive for self-development. Again, this happened because there were gaps in education.

You hate your job or your family life

Or your colleagues and friends. This is an unhealthy situation if a person does not strive to go home after work but, for example, just sits in the car for another hour and a half, trying to avoid sheer criticism and stress at home. Such a person is not loved, he is needed only as a source of income/status.

A similar situation can be found at an unloved job with colleagues resembling a tangle of snakes. It is not difficult to guess that a person living in such conditions is deeply unhappy, often sick and getting into trouble. In order to enjoy life and communication, you need to surround yourself with nice people!

You are an avid workaholic and there is nothing else in your life

Another situation is when family chores swallow you up without a trace. This usually happens in young mothers or large families. You feel like a free addition to your children and household.

There is simply no place for other interests and personal life. It is exhausting physically and mentally. We must remember that life is all about balance. You must not allow yourself to be buried alive or neglect your interests.

If you find one or more of the signs in yourself, you should think about it. Is it time for you to start changing something in yourself? Everything can be changed for the better: goals, values, emotions, and thinking. Not to mention work, friends and place of residence.

Life is one, so is it worth forgetting about your dreams and spending it in a completely different way?

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