Bad Advice: How to Easily Destroy Your New Relationship?

The beginning of a love affair is a wonderful time when amazing opportunities open up before you. It is in your hands to fall in love with him boundlessly or to destroy the nascent feeling at its root.

Become a mystery woman

As you know, a theater begins with a coat rack, and large-scale destruction begins with an attempt to build something. Therefore, in order to mislead a man from the very beginning – lie as you do it the last time! Pretend, act, try to be what you have never been, deceive from the very beginning, so that there is definitely no way back.

Become the biggest revelation in his life – let him know what a mystery woman really is. Pretend to be a kind of frivolous coquette, especially if in reality you are a serious and purposeful person.

Your task is to be a joyful fool so that the object of love will never suspect you reading Aristotle’s Metaphysics, being able to easily distinguish Monet from Manet, and having been to the Louvre fifteen times. When the desired degree is reached, you can begin to act.

Let him know you don’t need commitment

You also need to immediately explain to your future lover: you do not want a serious relationship, and you will go to the registry office only on pain of death or will not go there at all. Even if he does not invite you to legalize the relationship immediately, be sure that he will do it if you prepare properly.

Oh, be sure to remind him that you have millions of od admirers like him, let him know that he is just a passing hobby and it is quite possible that tomorrow you will be spending time with someone else. To make yourself clear, show several photos with those who can become your next one.

Tell him about your exes

If the man is still determined, talk about your ex-partners. Of course, you’ve got an impressive number of them, and you have left, humiliated and trampled in the mud all of them. Let him not even have a thought that everything could be different this time.

Tell him you earn more than him

If, despite all your attempts to destroy everything from the very beginning, the man still does not leave hope to impress you – do not give up. Your task is not to give him that opportunity. It’s good if you earn more than him.

Remember to remind your victim of this: pay for yourself in a cafe. Or rather pay for him too. However, some skill is required here – men are usually quicker than us. Prepare a credit card in advance so that at the most crucial moment you do not dig into your purse plaintively, getting ready to start wasting your money.

Pass the card to the waiter before your companion does it, then cast a condescending glance at him, and gently add: “Never mind, I understand everything…”. The main thing is not to let him feel like a man.

Be very critical

Young couple arguing on color background

Do not forget to joke more, make caustic remarks about the man, remembering to smile tenderly, comment on his appearance like you have seen better men or say that everything’s fine because you don’t like handsome men anyway.

Describe vividly why you do not fit each other. Even though he looks like Quasimodo from Hugo’s novel to you (and this, alas, is the only thing you like about him), let him know that you don’t start a relationship with representatives of his profession and that his name literally makes you sick, not to mention the manner of eating, drinking, dressing, and breathing.

Don’t open up

Try to be indifferent – be a rock, a block of ice, a calculating, heartless bitch. Do not listen to whatever he tells you, talk only about yourself or don’t talk at all, be silent as if you are being tortured. You can bury your face in the smartphone, revisit old photos, check your mail, discuss the latest news with a friend. It should become obvious to the man: you are not interested in him…

Leave him immediately

Another qualitative step on the way to a quick separation is to leave. It is especially good to leave at night, or right after you have made love – at this moment, the man is especially defenseless and is not at all ready for the blows of fate – he wants to sleep, eat, turn on the TV or just hug. But you are not planning to let him relax!

Pack your things and flee without hesitation. Reacting to the question “Where are you going?”, display the most tragic expression on your face and answer vaguely with the mysterious and universal “I need it…” phrase.

It can mean anything. No unnecessary explanations are needed. Get ready silently, adjust your scarf in front of the mirror for a long time so that your victim will surely understand how beautiful you are. Most importantly, show that you are indifferent to him. For greater effect, you can coldly add the words “Get me a taxi”.

Initiate a dirty argument

If leaving in silence is not an option for you, try to make a scene. The reason doesn’t matter. In the end, you must be able to prove the theory that every woman is hysterical at heart. You need to maintain your reputation. Let a tear go.

By the way, scientists have proved that female tears affect male potency and not for the better… Cry! Choking on tears, say “You have ruined everything!”. The main thing is not to go into details. Most likely, the man has already fallen into the abyss of despair and will not ask you what exactly he has ruined. Believe it, he will be overwhelmed with reflection even before you finish your soulful monologue about his shortcomings.

Break up by messaging

In order not to leave the man the slightest chance to stay with you as a faithful companion, call him from home. It’s even better to text a message – on the phone, you may have a voice that is trembling treacherously. Write him a message: “I don’t feel anything” or “Let’s forget everything that has happened”. Do so even if you have already fallen head over heels in love with your handsome man, and especially if you have fallen in love with him.

The main thing is not to yield to his request to think and wait until morning – if you decide to ruin a relationship that, quite possibly, could be transformed into true love and a family (which you certainly dream of!), bring your plan to life!

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