Toilet Cleaning Robot SpinX

Enthusiasts have created a really useful cleaning system that will clean up such an intimate place in the house as the toilet. The new system only cleans the toilet bowl, but it is the toilet bowl that people’s most unpleasant sensations are connected with. Of course, everyone wants their house to always be clean.

Everyone knows that you need to clean the house from time to time. Cleaning should be done all around the house, and the toilet is no exception. Moreover, maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom and toilet is one of the most important sanitary issues in the household.

It is clear that washing the toilet is necessary, but it is not the most pleasant process for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy to solve this problem. The SpinX system will be presented very soon. It was created specifically for washing toilet bowls.

According to the creators themselves, their development will be suitable for each toilet. The principle of SpinX is very simple. The device is attached to the tank like a lid and starts working when receiving a command. You can control the gadget either from the local panel with buttons or by remotely using the smartphone. Thanks to the set of sensors, the device will scan the toilet bowl and then start washing it with a special mobile brush. The most difficult places will be washed as well. It is also important that SpinX will wash the rim of the toilet bowl, rinse it several times with water, disinfect and treat it with a freshener.

The system for washing the toilet should be refilled with a freshener. One should also ensure that a removable lithium-ion battery is charged. SpinX should appear on the market before the end of the year. The estimated cost is about 350 dollars.

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