Automatic Battery-Free Toothbrush

Someone remains loyal to the classic toothbrush, but many prefer an electric model that takes care of brushing teeth much better. However, it can be replaced by new automatic models called Be, which work without batteries or electricity.

The principle of their operation is the same as that of electrical analogs: at the speed of 40,000 rpm, it takes the brush 120 seconds to perform all the hygiene procedures. At the end of cleaning, it beeps. The advantage is that the model does not require purchasing, replacing and recharging of the battery. It works from the kinetic energy of two springs. To start the mechanism, the user only needs to scroll a small wheel located at the bottom two times and press the power button. No more charging units and no wires are required to keep at hand.

The kit contains three replaceable nozzles for the oral cavity, which are enough for a year of use. Besides, there is an ergonomic case, which is convenient for travel. All the components are made of biodegradable materials. The cost of the novelty is $49.

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