13 Things Making You Look Old-Fashioned

Our appearance is our calling card. If we dress old-fashioned, we look older than our years, we are not stylish and fall out of status. This, in turn, reduces the chances of getting a prestigious job, accelerating your career or associating your destiny with the man of your dreams.

Geniusbeauty.com has compiled the list of 13 things that are synonymous with the old-fashioned style and send us back into the past as successfully as the time machine could possibly do.

1. Evident sexuality of the image

Tight mini dresses with a deep neckline, especially when they are complemented with high-heeled shoes, look old-fashioned and simply vulgar. Restrained intelligence, free cuts and the midi length are fashionable today.

2. High heels always and everywhere

Classic high heels are the choice for special occasions. Shoes with a huge heel and a hidden platform are a relic of the distant 2000s, and they can be safely thrown out for rubbish. Modern women of fashion choose stylish shoes on a flat sole or moderately high heels.

3. Down jackets of the “caterpillar” style

Tightly fitting down jackets that resemble the caterpillar skin are not fashionable anymore. Moreover, they are not beautiful or stylish. A down jacket itself is a very topical kind of outerwear. The main thing is to choose the right silhouette (straight, cocoon, oversize etc.) and skillfully emphasize this wardrobe item.

4. Glossy pantyhose

Here we are talking only about corporal pantyhose. Glossy corporal pantyhose is a real fashion taboo. If you want to look stylish and modern, you should choose matte pantyhose exclusively resembling the tone of the skin and not denser than 20 den. The color of tan is out of question.

5. Accessories in the same tone

Having shoes and a bag in the same tone is no longer relevant. This includes such kits as hats, scarves and gloves from the same set. It is much more interesting and relevant to choose unusual combinations of colors in the same set.

6. Gold jewelry

This era has long passed. Gold rings, pendants and earrings are no longer worn like our mothers and grandmothers used to wear them. Even with diamonds. Modern women of fashion choose stylish and quality fake jewelry, which can emphasize your image very effectively.

7. Things with a low waistline

Jeans and other wardrobe items with a low waistline have been irrelevant for a long time. Today, “normal” and high waistlines are popular, making our legs look even longer. Which is very nice, indeed.

8. Things with rhinestones

Rhinestones and various patterns and inscriptions belong to the “glamorous” 2000s. Do you want more shine in your wardrobe? Wear things of metallic colors, as well as topical sequins.

9. Hairpins and elastic bands in the hair

All sorts of colorful bands and hairpins with or without décor are not stylish and not modern. They cheapen the image. In order to collect the hair in a ponytail, one should use thin elastic bands matching the hair in color and cover them with a strand of hair.

10. All things in the same style

Modern fashion is characterized by a mixture of styles and fashion experiments. It is high time you forgot about such stereotypes as “a romantic dress with elegant sandals,” “a business suit with boat shoes,” “sneakers only for the gym,” and “sequins only for evening parties”.

11. Ideal hairstyles

Natural and simple, slightly disheveled hair with soft waves and strands escaping from the hairstyle are fashionable now. These natural things sometimes imply so much hard work! Tons of hairspray, puppet-like strands and perfectly arranged hairstyles are no longer relevant.

12. Long nails

Long nails are a true sign that the owner of this manicure is not aware of the modern fashion trends. Long nails with a special design, rhinestones, drawings, stucco are absolutely out of style!

13. Too much enthusiasm about “tuning”

Huge silicone breasts, plump duck lips, extended eyelashes, contouring, and excessive makeup are no longer relevant. They have never been to everyone’s taste! Only natural beauty or the skillfully created illusion of its availability are trendy now.