Secrets From the Pros: How to Become a Freelance Writer


If you’re ready to break out in the freelance writing world, you could probably use a few tips to get started. Here’s how to become a freelance writer.

If you want to get into freelance work, you’re not alone. Over 57 million Americans feel the same way, opting to exit the traditional 9-5 grind.
And freelance writing is in big demand. But when you’re starting out, it can be tough to know how to get your foot in the door.

Let’s look at top tips from the pros on how to become a freelance writer.

Find Your Niche

While it’s tempting to want to write about anything for anybody, rethink that strategy. If you’re writing about things you know nothing about, you could be spending more time researching than writing. And burnout is just around the corner.

Find one or two niches you’re passionate about. Something you have interest and expertise in. It could be a hobby or using your professional knowledge from your day job.

Then focus on finding freelance writing jobs for that niche only. When you’re writing about something you enjoy, it will show through your writing and feel less like work.

Start a Portfolio

Having stellar writing samples is key to landing a good paying job. One of the first things you’ll want is put together a portfolio to show potential clients.

If you’re starting out, write a few samples in your chosen niche, as if you were writing for a client. Or try to guest post on a relevant blog or high authority website.

Having your own blog will also give samples of your writing ability while showing you can attract an audience. You can have a portfolio page on your blog that showcases other niche writing samples for clients to check out.

Perfect Your Pitch

Clients aren’t going to fall into your lap, you’re going to have to heavily look for them. Sending out pitches is a great way to find new work.
Research companies in your niche. Send an email telling them about yourself, what you can do for their company, with links to your portfolio. Make it creative and attention-getting.

For pitching to work, you have to be willing to pitch often enough to land the type of jobs you want. And you need to perfect what you say because the email itself is a sample of your writing ability.

Find Jobs Online

Job boards can be a lifesaver when you’re starting out or need work during a dry spell. They are a place online where you can find all sorts of open writing positions.

But there can be a lot of freelance jobs online, so it’s best to narrow down which boards hold the jobs you’re most interested in. Concentrate on building up your reputation on these boards with small jobs and work your way up.

It’s also a good way to build up writing samples in your portfolio.

Know How to Become a Freelance Writer to Kickstart Your Career

With some determination and hard work, you can make your freelance writing career a reality. And these tips will help you know how to become a freelance writer right from the beginning.

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