8 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Success

At the moments of weakness, we have a lot of excuses. We are too tired, busy and do not want to do what needs to be done. Sometimes these excuses are justified, but very often we just pretend that they are! “I needed to make up my nails before cleaning! I cannot sacrifice half an hour of sleep to get to the gym. I really need another piece of chocolate to cope with the new project.”

There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to excuses. Even if something is useful for us, we give in to emotions again and again. To get out of the cycle of endless excuses, start with self-discipline. Use these methods to cheer up and get down to action.

1. Find a Buddy

Find someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses well, whose company is pleasant to you, but your interests do not overlap. Such a friend will allow you not to return to bad habits. According to Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, we work more successfully when people around us do the same. A joint system of checks and reports is called “Buddy.” According to the idea of its creators, you call or meet with such a friend once a week to discuss what you did during the week, accept commitments for a new week and, of course, control each other. Ask him to join you for a run in the morning, check how your project is developing at lunch, or develop a meal plan for a week together. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says people are an average of the five people with whom they spend most of their time. Surround yourself with those who live a happy life that you are dreaming of.

2. Visualize

Design a mental map of your final result. Visualization will help you think about how vigorous you will feel after you achieve your goal! Mental images are a popular tactic of sports psychology, which is used to improve performances. The US Olympic team is followed by a team of special psychologists who can help with visualization and increase self-confidence.

3. Celebrate success

There is an external motivation when you work to get a reward or to avoid punishment. But there is also an internal motivation that increases your natural desire to do something. Do not celebrate your success in such a way that undermines all the work you have accomplished. After a productive morning, you can please yourself with a 20-minute coffee break, rather than with two hours of watching YouTube.

4. Write down goals

Tracking and writing down goals increases the likelihood that you will follow them. According to the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, we often get down to business if it is connected with a written agreement.

5. Plan your weaknesses

It is important to study your failures not to make the same mistakes again. Determine your weaknesses. If you think that your working day exhausts you because you do not move, do some exercise in the morning. Honestly admit your weaknesses and plan them to be able to resist them.

6. Set realistic expectations

It’s good to be ambitious but do not set high goals in a matter where you can fail. Break your dream into micro goals. This approach will give you a sense of satisfaction when you attain each of the stages.

7. Add some fun

Motivational fun can mean both running to your favorite music track and working together with a pleasant person. “Formal Theory of Creativity, Fun, and Intrinsic Motivation,” says that fun is an integral reward for the work that increases internal motivation.

8. Collect inspirational quotes

Write down a selection of motivational statements if you need support. Reading wise words from the people whom you admire will help you be in a good mood. Add them to your favorites, print them out or write them on stickers and put them on the monitor, mirror or fridge for visual support. Since significant quotes are related to your emotions, they will help release dopamine, the brain neurotransmitter responsible for motivation.



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