5 Things You Should Stop Wasting Time on

I never have enough time for what I want. I have many interests, regular creative projects, and stormy personal life. At the same time, I often tend to procrastinate and from time to time just toil rather than proceed with the things that I must do. Although I do not have global problems with time management, at times I find the habits that prevent me from having more useful and exciting adventures in my life. I diligently get rid of them and share my observations with you.

Reading comments to bloggers’ reviews

There is nothing wrong about the fact that in the evenings you open YouTube and surf through the subscriptions and recommended videos. It’s bad when you already know that you will not get any pleasure from viewing them. For example, a sensational video about how a well-known blogger takes part in the “Try not to sing” challenge. Gossips and rumors about their personal life will not entertain you as much as the content they publish via their channels – the content that helped you fall in love with these bloggers. Remember that you signed up for the sake of lifehacks, travel videos, or news reports, and not for the sake of HYIP.

Preparing a complex meal

It’s unpleasant when you cook an unusual dinner just to surprise someone. I hate the situations when I spend four hours near the stove, and the guests eat the dish in two minutes. And how can you try it out? Another trend is “slow food” – a whole philosophy of cooking and consuming products, in which the process is maximally stretched. Is it worth it?

Watching an uninteresting film

You settled on the couch with a glass of your favorite wine and chose a movie to watch. An excellent cast of actors, a famous director, a good trailer. You watch it and get distracted by your phone. Or even fall asleep. On the second evening, you definitely do not need to continue watching a movie that did not catch your attention. If you cannot concentrate on what is happening on the screen, there may be a problem that this story does not suit you at this moment of life, or the film is unrealistically boring.

Checking your likes and the reviews of your photos

You already know that the photo you put on Instagram is cool and deserves everyone’s attention. This does not mean that you need to worry about public reaction and update the newsfeed every 20 minutes. Even if you wait for a Like from one particular person, what will change if you learn about it in two hours rather than in twenty minutes?

Wandering around the store shopping and do not know what you want

Every September, all students and office workers feel the need to update their daily wardrobe. Everything that you have in your closet does not fit. You have no idea what new items you can buy, and you hope that in the store you will see The Thing you will like. As a result, you wander from boutique to boutique, looking for accessories or a shirt for the beloved partner. At the same time, you see a dress that you would gladly wear for the New Year party. But after a while, after paying for another purchase, you realize that you do not have a new blouse or a new skirt to wear at work tomorrow.