11 Signs You Don’t Take Enough Care of Your Own Safety & Security

Personal safety is gradually becoming the most important issue for every person, but it is women who should be worried about it. Even if you still think that you can avoid any conflict situation, you need to take serious precautions. Study this checklist to find out how to approach the issues of your security with competence.

1. You catch a taxi, but do not call Uber

Unfortunately, robberies in a taxi are not uncommon: in 2015 alone, more than 50,000 citizens were brought to justice, and many criminal cases were covered in detail in the press. But if you look closely at the numbers, it’s easy to note the fact that a trip with a licensed driver is much safer than trying to catch a car on the street.

Every employee of Uber or any other taxi service is pre-checked by employment agencies. People with criminal convictions or debts before the state are not admitted to work, which minimizes the risk of traveling with a fraudulent swindler. In addition, in the case of a controversial incident, the driver’s rating in the application is reduced, which means that frequent violators of personal space very quickly fall out of the system. Of course, the driver you call is still less reliable than using a car share or requesting a ride to your loved ones, but even in case of an attack, the police will easily find the criminal.

2. You reveal the information about your apartment and earnings in social networks

You need to be cautious about everything that you tell the people on the Internet and not only to selected subscribers. Try to use a pseudonym when communicating, do not disclose confidential information like home address or phone number and ask family members to do the same. Pay close attention to the links you are following – you can get to a fishing website that allows intruders to learn about you any information, including the time you spend in your own apartment and how often you use a credit card.

If you still like to reveal your location on Foursquare or on Twitter, try using the application just before you leave rather than the moment you arrive there. Avoid updating the information on social networks during the holidays because this is an easy way to let the world know that you are not at home. After the armed robbery in Paris, even Kim Kardashian calls for a less explicit demonstration of wealth in social networks and refuses to wear precious jewelry items in public.

3. You do not take a pepper spray or a shocker with you

If you do not have the opportunity to drive a car, there is no light at the entrance to your apartment, and the way from work takes you through a dark park – it makes sense to think about purchasing a small means of protection (a pepper spray canister or a shocker) because the chance to escape from the criminal unharmed is priceless.

4. You did not configure the emergency call button on your gadget

Even if the phone has already become the continuation of your hand, in an emergency situation there will be no time to google or call for help. In some models, emergency calls can be programmed to power buttons, but in many cases, they are completely absent, so it is worth familiarizing yourself with this function in advance.

5. You do not know the elementary methods of self-defense

The situation would be simpler if girls were given master classes in schools on how to get away from a rapist, but unfortunately, everything has to be mastered by yourself. Use our guide or tutorials on Youtube to learn a few effective tricks. You can even arrange it with your friends to try some methods – of course, slowly and without much effort to take into account your weak zones. If possible, visit self-defense classes to have practice with real attacks in realistic scenarios. Remember that classical martial arts are unlikely to help you in a criminal attack.

6. While in a bar, you do not follow the amount of alcohol drunk

It’s not just that you should pay attention to the amount drunk, you should also watch how the bartender prepares your cocktail. Do not leave your glass unnoticed – he can easily add a sleeping pill or a narcotic substance that will weaken your vigilance. Try to choose wine instead of drinks made from several ingredients – the bartender will have less opportunity to add something illegal during mixing.

7. You do not practice jogging

You are much more likely to die or get a serious injury if you follow the attacker wherever he says or you will try hard to resist. Run away, shout for help, you can even break something nearby to attract attention. If your bag is wanted – throw it in one direction and start running the other way. Statistics clearly show that your chances of survival are much higher if you begin to resist. You will have only one chance, so concentrate on making a sudden blow to the head or groin and then run away.

8. You let strangers follow you

If you ask a person which way you should go to get to a certain street, do not let them take you to that place. A rapist can easily lead you to where your cry will go unnoticed, so make a pause until the stranger walks away.

9. You walk along a poorly lit street

In the evening, it is necessary to avoid shorter roads running through courtyards, dumps, cemeteries, wastelands, poorly lit streets, as well as the areas grown with forest or dense bushes. Let your route become longer, but try to choose the road through crowded places. In dark and poorly lit neighborhoods, try to walk in the middle of the street. In the evening, do not use headphones, otherwise, you can fail to hear the sound of an approaching person or a warning signal.

10. You do not tell your loved ones where you are

If more than three hours have passed since the disappearance of a person, the chances of finding him/her unharmed decrease exponentially. This can be avoided if you regularly tell your relatives where you are and where you are going to. When you go on a date, there’s nothing easier than telling your friend the address of the cafe, the name of the guy and agreeing on the time when you should contact later. A simple precaution can save you from violence as well as from an innocent but a very bad date.

11. You are going to the World Cup

If you live in a city that hosts the nearest World Cup, the situation with your security is more difficult than it seems. On the one hand, many more police officers will patrol the streets than usual. On the other hand, it is forbidden to use any kind of weapon in host cities for the duration of the championship, even in the form of a pepper spray canister or a shocker. In addition, it’s easy to fall victim to a robber in a large crowd, so make sure that your bag does not contain any valuable items, and give up wearing jewelry during this period.

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