Solista Solo Intelligent Cooking Machine by Xiaomi

The developers from the Xiaomi company in China started developing kitchen devices. The company’s crowdfunding platform presented a smart cooking machine that allows not only to reduce the number of kitchen appliances, but also make the tedious process of cooking simpler. The Solista Solo Intelligent Cooking Machine, according to the developers, is able to replace a frying pan, gas cooker and extractor hood. The unit is ideal for small kitchen areas.

Solista resembles a multi-cooker in design. The device has a capacity of 3.5 liters. It is made of cast aluminum and coated with non-stick coating. Solista’s transparent hinged lid has a rotating blade that allows you to constantly stir your food. The temperature and mixing speeds are user controlled in accordance to the recipe technology selected through your smartphone.

All processes are managed through a smartphone. The user can adjust the process depending on the recipe selected. Upon the completion of the cooking process, a corresponding message pops up on the smartphone.

Non-stick coating allows you to cook healthy and tasty food without much oil. Special sensors regulate uniform heating and prevent excessive steam generation.

The geometric dimensions of Solista are 31 × 37.5 × 20.6 cm, and it weighs 5 kg. It is powered via a removable cable. Soloist costs $ 140.

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