Most Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

You decided to go in for sports and even bought yourself a membership card at a fitness club. Congratulations! You are on the right track to a slim and fit body. However, getting fit may turn out not an easy task because you still don’t know anything about training properly. decided to fill this gap and analyze common workout mistakes beginners make.

Many clubs offer a wide range of services and, at first, the choice may be difficult, because most people lack information or are simply too shy to ask. Often we start training on our own, even having no clue of what we need to do. To make the process as comfortable and safe as possible, and most importantly, really interesting, we asked experts to reveal basic mistakes and how to deal with them.

Mistake 1. No or incorrect goal

Setting a clear goal of your workouts is what you need to start with. “I want to lose weight” sounds pretty blurry. Instead, it is better to set the goal that sounds like this, “I want to reduce the amount of adipose tissue by 3 kg”, and set a specific period of 2 months. If you articulate your goals like this, you can even make an approximate workout plan for this period.

Mistake 2. Wrong choice of workout program

The next stage is to choose a sports direction. Modern choice of training activities allows solving problems in different environments: swimming pool, gym, group programs. You just have to try each of them (to do this, companies often include a “starter pack” into your membership, with trial personal workouts in each kind of sport).

Mistake 3. Training on your own

The wish to save on the services of a personal trainer is quite understandable, but it is nevertheless a bad decision, especially if you are a beginner. Amateur fitness education, no matter how diverse and deep, has a huge disadvantage – the Internet or video lessons will never give you the feeling of the right technique, no matter how well explained. You can only feel it under the supervision of an expert.

It’s simple: joints have certain biomechanics, and its violation dramatically increases the risk of injury, especially when dealing with weights. The risk is great if you take into account the number of joints in the body. In addition to the safety factor, there is certain professional knowledge that is not available for amateurs. Therefore, a set of personal workouts is a necessity.

Mistake 4. Shyness

This is very important that you do not hesitate to communicate with professionals and turn to them for help. The trainers are at the fitness club solely to help you determine your workloads, exercises and goals. However, only you can let them know that you need help or advice, and only your joint efforts can give good results and a pleasant sense of satisfaction with your own progress.

Mistake 5. Overestimating yourself

Not only the wrong workout program but also huge workload or complex exercises, which are suitable only for professionals, can do you an ill turn and put you off sports.

Overstraining can damage your health and increase the risk of injury when you exercise. You feel weak and dizzy after exercising – these symptoms indicate overexertion.

At the initial stage, you should choose simple exercises that will prepare the body for further workloads. Simple does not mean “ineffective”, on the contrary, they make it easier to concentrate and feel the work of all the necessary muscles.

Error 6. Uneven load distribution

Distributing body workload evenly, engaging the main muscle groups of the abdomen, back, muscles of the arms and legs is important because it will increase your endurance and raise the overall tone of all muscle groups. As a result, the body will react to the load faster, and, already after several sessions, you will feel and see the first positive results.

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