8 Common Mistakes When Buying Outerwear

When buying outerwear like jackets, coats, and trench coats, you should be especially careful: outerwear is one of the most important and most expensive elements of our wardrobe. At the same time, the risks of miscalculating with the style are too great. We’ve looked at eight of the most common and fatal outerwear shopping mistakes women regularly make (and how to avoid them).

Invalid length

If you want your outerwear (be it a down jacket or a coat) to fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, choose a length from about mid-calf and below. Such models will look great with dresses, skirts (they will hide them), as well as with trousers, jeans, culottes, leggings and shorts.

Inappropriate color

The hit of the coming season is outerwear in bright colors. However, the fashion for it will pass quickly enough, and the color may bore you.

It is better to opt for a more neutral color palette – beige, black, gray, brown or khaki. These colors are not so striking, and they always look noble. In addition, they are easier to combine with other shades.

Wrong cut

Bulky sleeves and shoulders, flowing fringe, lack of lapels and weaving – it all looks bright, but, unfortunately, very short-lived. If you choose outerwear that you are going to wear for a long time, give preference to classic styles.

Cheap (and overly accentuated) hardware

Incorrectly selected buttons and zippers can “kill” any, even the most stylish image. In the case of outerwear, which is in plain sight, this is especially true. To avoid annoying mistakes, choose the most minimalistic decor, or better, its complete absence (at least visual).

Unsuitable prints

Go back and reread the paragraph on color. With the print, it is even more difficult. If you do not have the opportunity to think over each image in advance, it is better to completely abandon the use of print in outerwear. If you can’t do without it, choose classic patterns – checkered, striped, herringbone, and so on.

Synthetic coats

This is a very important point when choosing a coat. Natural materials such as wool, cashmere, and silk (as well as their mix) will not only help you stay warm in the cold season but also make the thing more presentable and durable.

Poor down jacket filler

Long gone are the days when only down jackets were considered warm. After all, they are filled with down and feather (hence the very name of this type of outerwear). Modern technologies allow you to create really warm clothes without using natural materials.

Moreover, down jackets with high-quality artificial filling are much more convenient to use: they are easier to care for, they are lighter in weight, and do not cause allergies.

Lack of impregnation

The main function of impregnation is to protect from wind and moisture. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the top layer – make sure that the fabric is impregnated with a special solution that will repel moisture and will not let the wind through. Familiarize yourself with the rules of caring for such a thing in advance. Very often, outerwear with such impregnation cannot be washed, otherwise, it will lose all its protective properties. Consider this before buying.

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