Etiquette Mistakes Celebrities Make

We are going to tell you about the etiquette mistakes that celebrities make. Those who make such mistakes include French actress Sophie Marceau, ex-first lady Michelle Obama and even Anna Wintour herself. We remind you in what cases you should not follow these stars’ example.

Raise sensitive or taboo topics in social or business communication

History knows many examples when rash comments cost the stars major contracts or even a career (for example, remember Megan Fox, who compared the director of the famous Transformers, Michael Bay, to Hitler and lost her role in the continuation of the film because of this).

These cases should teach us to refrain from speaking on any sensitive topics, including health, politics, religion, diseases, and especially controversial issues that we do not understand.

So, under the current circumstances, if you come to an online party and celebrate someone’s birthday, it is not at all necessary to remind everyone about the statistics of the pandemic or make economic predictions. Pay attention to those topics that will definitely cheer everyone up and help you forget about problems.

By the way, an elegant (and not just beautiful) woman will also never talk about her diet. Obviously, the secrets of her beauty must die with her.

Losing your straps like Sophie Marceau at the Cannes Film Festival

The rule of an elegant woman is that you check in advance how the dress and underwear fit you. There is nothing more discouraging than falling straps or underwear that is seen through a blouse.

So dance in your clothes in front of the mirror before heading out, even if it’s an online party or a Zoom meeting today.

Come to a party without underwear like Carla Bruni

It’s bad if your underwear is easy to see, but it is even worse if everyone can see that you are not wearing it. Sitting in front of the screen all day is not familiar to everyone, so take a close look at how the light falls on you and how tight your shirt is if you are without underwear.

A nude turtleneck doesn’t get any less shocking if you’re at an online meeting rather than a face-to-face appointment. Well, the habit of wearing only outerwear to online meetings can play a cruel joke with you if you need to get up abruptly or the camera angle turns out to be unsuccessful. Such an embarrassment, for example, happened to the host of the ABC channel, Will Reeve.

In the morning TV show, he presented a story about quadcopters right from home. At first, the picture was quite familiar – a man in a jacket was reporting on serious things. But then the shooting angle changed, and the audience saw that the journalist had forgotten to wear trousers. Later, he tried to justify himself in front of the public, explaining that it was very hot at home. Still, you shouldn’t make such mistakes.

Staying with black sunglasses in any situation like Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, whose signature style includes wearing black sunglasses, made the worst impression on the British establishment when she spent time at the London Fashion Week with Queen Elizabeth II and never parted with this accessory.

No matter how difficult your morning is, you will put all your interlocutors in an extremely awkward situation by keeping the sunglasses. Well, a conversation with the management or partners can lead to completely unnecessary stress in communication.

Sharing hugs like Michelle Obama

Today’s etiquette is about keeping your distance. The best option is to perceive everyone around as the British queen, whom you are not expected to touch.

Michelle Obama once surprised everyone when she was overwhelmed with feelings and presumably hugged the monarch of the British Empire. You are also not the first to extend your hand to the queen – it is she who decides whether to shake your hand or not.

But from a young age (and she has been in power for more than 60 years), Elizabeth II has worn gloves – not to pick up some kind of infection when she needs to shake hands. Be like the queen, wear gloves.

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