Celebrities Who Underwent Breast Reduction

Do you still dream of large breasts and have already mentally decided on plastic surgery? Meanwhile, in Hollywood, the opposite trend of breast reduction has long been gaining momentum, which has become a logical continuation of the fashion for natural beauty.

The request for a natural shape and modest breast size is extremely common among women these days. The widespread desire to reduce their roundness has a logical explanation.

Many fans of large sizes have already realized that such “charm” also gives serious problems to the body. Especially when it comes to the spine and back muscles, which suffer greatly from such severity. Osteochondrosis, neck pain, fatigue, the curvature of the spinal column and, as a result, a violation of posture – such consequences become the price you pay for seductive breasts – as well as the diseases of mammary glands themselves due to large endoprostheses.

In addition, large mammary glands impose a number of serious restrictions on lifestyle. For example, running and some other sports are very difficult to do without special underwear. It is uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach, there is a risk of sagging breasts, etc.

All of the above nuances often force women, who are concerned about the health of the body, to get rid of implants, replace them with more modest ones or reduce their large natural mammary glands to have more modest sizes.

Nicole Kidman

For the first time, fans saw the actress with unexpectedly curvaceous breasts in 2013. Then the Moulin Rouge star preferred dresses with a deep neckline, emphasizing her renewed shapes. Three years later, Nicole returned to her natural size again. As the actress herself explained, a large bust prevented her from running.

Victoria Beckham

The legendary “spice girl” used to be inspired by great sizes. Therefore, she first went to the surgeon for a size C, and later again enlarged her breasts. However, later, for some reason, Beckham’s wife decided to get the implants removed completely. What the reason for this step, the celeb did not explain.

Pamela Anderson

It would be impossible to do without Pam in our review because this “Baywatch” star set the trend for huge breast sizes worldwide. The actress repeatedly enlarged the mammary glands, until they began to resemble bowling balls at one point.

Soon Anderson got tired of such forms, and in 2016 she went to a plastic surgeon again. Doctors replaced the implants with more natural ones. The star sold her old implants at a charity auction.

Chrissy Teigen

The model made augmentation mammoplasty at a young age, when she was just starting to storm the Olympus of fashion. At that time, Chrissy presented swimwear, and she needed seductive forms.

However, after the birth of two children, ptosis of the mammary glands began to develop, so a year ago, the celebrity openly admitted her desire to return to her natural size. She realized her plan immediately after the end of the lockdown.

Christina Ricci

All previous celebrities got rid of silicone implants, but this actress got rid of the charms given to her by nature! Initially, Christina had breasts size D, but she was embarrassed that it was difficult for men to take their eyes off this part of her body.

According to the actress, she wanted to be perceived not as a sexual object but as a person. Therefore, the star decided on a reduction surgery, so now she has a perfect size “B”.

Jennifer Connelly

The star of the film “Requiem for a Dream” had impressive breasts from a young age – the actress had a size D. In 2006, her curvy shape disappeared. Jennifer herself did not comment on the transformation of her appearance.

Drew Barrymore

The buxom beauty was dissatisfied with this gift of nature from a young age and even experienced serious psychological problems due to excessive popularity among men. As a result, Barrymore reduced the mammary glands by two sizes back in 1992 and has enjoyed her appearance ever since.

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