How Come Queen Elizabeth II Has Never Got Fat?

Elizabeth II has been in excellent physical shape for many years, keeping the perfect balance between healthy food and pleasant treats that the Queen allows herself.

The alluring elegance of the British Queen has been a source of inspiration for many generations. It is impossible to deny that Elizabeth II has aged amazingly gracefully, and it is hard to believe that she celebrated her 96th birthday not so long ago.

Her Majesty’s physical form at such a respectable age can only be admired, largely due to the monarch’s lifestyle. Here are some secrets of nutrition, allowing the Queen to stay healthy for many years, feel cheerful and lead an active lifestyle.

Careful selection of dishes in advance

The oldest of the British rulers, the Queen has always been popular for her unparalleled self-control, exemplary manners, exquisite selection of clothes, dishes, and even cocktails. An interesting revelation was made by one of Her Majesty’s personal chefs, Darren McGrady, in his book “Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen”. According to his book, 20 chefs present Elizabeth with a menu from which she chooses her dishes for each day.

Minimum risk

Her Majesty prefers properly cooked meat, and her beefsteaks are always well done. However, fast food seldom appears on the royal table.

However, there were even stricter prohibitions on the menu of Elizabeth II. Due to increased risks, some positions are never included there (oysters, for example). There are also orders related to the personal preferences of the monarch. One thing the Queen doesn’t like is garlic. Hence, anything related to garlic is excluded from the royal menu.

Tea without sugar at the beginning of the day

Most start their day with a shot of caffeine. The British Queen drinks hot Earl Grey tea with milk and no sugar in the morning and may add some biscuits. An article published in Hello magazine mentioned that these are Chocolate Bath Olivers, which are crunchy biscuits coated in chocolate. It’s no secret that Elizabeth has a special passion for chocolate.

A modest breakfast after all preparations

After enjoying tea and biscuits before breakfast, the monarch takes a bath, dresses, and proceeds to her royal breakfast. It is said to be quite prosaic and includes cold cereal and sometimes toast and marmalade. Eggs are rarely on the menu.

High-protein lunch

Darren McGrady once revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that Her Majesty prefers simple, high-protein, low-carb foods. The Royal Dinner includes grilled Dover flounder or Scottish salmon served with spinach and zucchini. It is considered one of the monarch’s favorite options, but she also eats simple grilled chicken salads. McGrady remarked about the Queen’s choice for lunch: “No starch is the rule.”

Afternoon tea as an obligatory ritual

The Queen loves afternoon tea. It has obligatory rituals that include not only good Earl Grey tea, but also cucumber sandwiches, and sometimes a small piece of fruit pie. Many people find that small pleasures like these make it easier to cope with the daily routine.

Dinner without starch

The Queen is very disciplined and prefers “no starch” meals when dining alone, although less wholesome meals may be served at state banquets. According to McGrady, the monarch’s dinner typically includes fried or boiled fish with salad and vegetables.

The former royal chef once said in an interview: “She is very disciplined. She could have whatever she wanted, but it’s the discipline that keeps her in such good shape.”

Little pleasures

In an interview, McGrady confirmed that Elizabeth is “a bit of a shopaholic.” The monarch is often served fresh fruit from the garden, such as strawberries from Balmoral Castle or fresh peaches from Windsor Castle’s greenhouses.

Most of all Her Majesty loves chocolate. The chef added that “it has to be dark chocolate. The darker, the better.” Homemade chocolate desserts and chocolate cookie cakes are among the monarch’s favorites.

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