12 Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

Knowing these mistakes will help you achieve faster progress in training, losing weight, and getting prettier.


1. Training without a plan

Just going to the gym is not the best idea for beginners. You need clear goals and objectives. You need to know what muscle group you want to train, how much time the workout will last and what results you want to achieve in the end. Then you will be able to keep track of the progress.

From time to time, you can attend a fitness center without planning, but it is rather for “advanced” sportsmen. Newcomers need motivation, and it is achieved only through results. You can keep track of those only having a clear plan.

2. One and the same plan

If each workout is similar to the previous one, and it goes on all the time, you have little chances to get good results from fitness. What works today will not work tomorrow. When the muscles get used to certain moves, there is less and less progress.

Switch to a different load, increase the intensity or pace – leaving your comfort zone, you get better results.

3. No warming up

Starting to work out without warming up is a big mistake that can lead to injury and damage. Almost everyone knows it, but many neglect warming up because they want to work only on the muscles without wasting the precious time they paid for.

4. No stretching

If you think that stretching after exercise is done only by fans of yoga, you are mistaken. Stretching after exercise is a necessary condition for effective training. It is good for the muscles and joints.

5. All at once

Most newcomers hoping to achieve quick results try to do as much as possible in one workout. They think that severe pain after the workout is an indicator of its effectiveness. However, this is not so. Very active and intense sessions should alternate with a calmer and simpler set of exercises. Over-intensive training is the fastest way to lose motivation and even get injured. Such workouts will only make the body wear out quickly, making it difficult to recover between workouts, and this will lead to a complete failure. Just as one cannot eat 10 lunches at a time, it is impossible to fulfill the 10-day norm at one workout.

6. Prolonged breaks

We mean the break between the workouts. For quick results, workouts should take place 5 times a week (half an hour each). The optimal load with gradual and progressive results is 3 times a week or every other day (40-45 minutes). And if you train 1 time a week, or even less often, it will not result in weight loss or muscle strengthening. Although, it is worth noting that even such load is always better than its absence.

7. Prolonged rest

The maximum break between sessions is 60 seconds. If you rest a few minutes between sets or exercises, the training effectiveness is greatly reduced.

8. Sports drinks and nutrition

Many of those who go to the gym have a wrong opinion that sports drinks are an inherent part of a beautiful and toned body. However, the truth is that you do not need to replenish the body with electrolytes on a daily basis. These drinks are effective when it comes to overloads, such as a marathon or a very intensive workout. High sugar content will not do any good. However, if you are already used to them, or you like the taste of these drinks, then dilute them with water and choose the product that actually contains real electrolytes, rather than supplements high in fructose.

9. High pace

It would seem best for the figure to do the exercises at a faster pace than normal. However, many beginners fall into the trap, increasing the pace too much. The so-called turbo mode is useful only for advanced sportsmen and only if you control the tempo using a pedometer, stopwatch or other gadgets. It is impossible to increase the pace to infinity, the body has its limits – this is the advice for fans of “iron.” Moreover, it is important not to overload the body to such an extent when blood pressure rises critically and there appears a high risk of injury.

10. Malnutrition

Working out on an empty stomach is a bad habit. Muscles should receive the necessary nutrients for building and restoration. If they do not, there will be less progress. In addition, you should include protein into your diet. Ask a trainer at your fitness club about the nutrition, which is effective for you during the training, because a lot in this matter depends on your personality and the results wanted.

11. Lack of progress

Working out without increasing the intensity leads to the plateau effect and loss of interest in the activities. Set new challenges: increase the number of repetitions, distance, or weight. Revise your standards at least 1 time per month.

12. Lack of rest

For the training to be effective, the body needs energy, which comes not only from protein bars. Proper rest is able to recharge the body. Therefore, sleep at least 7 hours a day, have days off and find a hobby that is not associated with fitness. Do not become a fitnessoholic – training should help you without enslaving you.

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