Are You a Drama Queen?

If at some point, you suddenly realize that you begin to dramatize the situation, turn your life into a farce and the play of one actor, and resort to wishful thinking more and more often, then most likely you have become the drama queen, wearying others with your game. What is dangerous about demonstrating theatrical behavior in everyday life and how not to remain alone after such whims will be explained in the material of

“I enjoyed scenes and showdowns in a crowded place. It seemed to me that the more people were drawn into them, the sooner I would achieve what it was all about. This, incidentally, worked flawlessly. As soon as my partner noticed that I was about to explode and turn to a terrible hysteria, he immediately did everything to help me calm down. By the way, this works with everyone. I remember that even at school I pretended that I was struck by a deadly disease each time I was told to go to the blackboard and made to study. And they believed it. They always trusted me”. That is what our heroine, a girl of about 30, got used to doing all her life to achieve what she wanted with her whims. Her friends and relatives were so tired with her dramas that at some point they hastened to retire, leaving her alone with her fears and worrying.

Her young man said that he was tired of such scenes and showdowns, found a less scandalous person and derives pleasure from his life now. The heroine’s parents, noting that their daughter had already grown up and can take care of herself, blocked the “cash flow” for her and hastened to move away – their favorite child would definitely fail to get to her tantrums there. The “drama queen” could only complain of loneliness and recall with insult that she herself, in fact, had achieved nothing in life. Therefore, she remains alone in the end.

How to understand that you are too carried away by drama and turned into an unattractive person?

The world revolves around me

One of the most striking signs which can help reveal the drama queen is the desire to always be in the spotlight. She will not tolerate if there are competitors nearby and try to move the center of universal love, adoration and self-interest to themselves by any means. Even with the help of regular tantrums, scandals, or imitating an imaginary terminal disease. For them, all means are good, if this ultimately leads to the desired result.

The most important thing is the spectacular appearance

The spectacular and grandiose appearance of a drama queen is only necessary in order to once again be in the spotlight, arrest the attention and draw the eyes of those present and to make people talk about her for a long time. And the more “spectators” gather around, the better. Believe us, that is exactly what she needs.

Everything hurts, you have to help me

Inventing serious diseases is another reason to make others do what you want and achieve your specific goals. As you know, people who have to literally fight for their lives and health are supported in every possible way, so the drama queen regularly “seeks out” diseases in herself to evoke certain emotions in you – guilt and the awareness that she still remains a priority for you. When you need something from her, you will notice that she will not stir a finger to fulfill your request. What for? She is quite comfortable even without you.

I will always find a reason to shed a tear

The drama queen likes to react to everything like a little child – she expresses her feelings and emotions freely the moment this wish appears, and she does not care what others think about her. Crying over a trifle? Easy! To have a tantrum because of a plain question? You are welcome! Impulsive and illogical behavior is what distinguishes such a person from a self-possessed one. Think about how long you can endure such a person next to you, if she behaves like an actress and engages you in her play.

If the day has passed without a conflict, everything was in vain

Creating conflicts from scratch to “wake up” is the drama queen’s favorite method. If she doesn’t arouse people’s emotions and doesn’t get a response, she will get bored very quickly and begin to look for more serious entertainment. How can you get rid of such a situation – just stop responding to provocations and do not show the emotions that she expects from you so much. Then the “energy vampire” will lose interest in you and switch to someone else.

If I do not get what I want, everyone will feel bad

Unpredictable and unreasonable outbursts of anger can also bring anyone to despair, but not the drama queen. She uses a similar method to manipulate people and get what she needs at one time or another. Indeed, for many people it is easier to fulfill what is required of them than to resist regular tantrums and scandals.

“Everything is awful”

Anticipating an impending storm even in a seemingly stable and positive situation is the feature of those who are used to dramatizing any situation. Psychologically balanced individuals can analyze their mistakes, draw certain conclusions and try to avoid such moments in the future. But not the drama queen. This lady will stubbornly ignore common sense and react to every trifle as if the world had collapsed and nothing could be fixed. At some point, this behavior begins to seem terribly annoying, and people prefer to stop any communication with such a person.

If you notice the signs of a drama queen, it’s time to analyze your behavior and begin to change. Think about what you are compensating for with your actions, and change your way of life in such a way that you can get bright emotions from productive activities. This can develop you and attract your relatives and friends.

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