12 Compelling Reasons Why People Become Pharmacy Technicians

Becoming a pharmacy technician has many benefits. Find out twelve compelling reasons why people become pharmacy technicians here.

Looking for a career in the healthcare field, but don’t know exactly what to pursue?

Then check out the benefits of becoming a pharmacy technician. Not only is it a stable and well-paying career, but it’s also rewarding, too!

Pharmacy technicians can partake in the healthcare field without the stress of performing clinical responsibilities. You don’t need to handle emergencies, blood, or any other ailments doctors and nurses experience throughout their careers.

There’s room to grow in the pharmacy industry. Starting as a pharmacy tech allows you to see the job duties and responsibilities required in the field. It’s a great career path to gain experience and grow in the healthcare industry.

Another reason why people are becoming pharmacy technicians is the rapid growth in the healthcare field. More jobs are becoming available in the pharmacy sector. Plus, the pay is competitive.

Still not sold? Here are 12 more reasons why you should consider a career as a pharmacy technician.

What’s a Pharmacy Technician Job Like?

Pharmacy technicians help collect patient information from health care providers to fill patients’ prescriptions. This includes measuring, packaging, and labeling the medications.

The duties also include performing administrative tasks and inventory along with customer service. Depending on the pharmacy, these duties may change or differ.

Pharmacy technicians must have a great eye for detail. Since they are working with prescription medications, every prescription must have the proper medication, amount, and label. You also get to work with customers and provide them with a great experience every time they visit the pharmacy.

Training is required in this career to ensure you understand privacy, laws, calculations, terminology, and more. You can pursue higher education while working as a pharmacy technician to grow in your career.

1. More Pharmacy Technicians Appearing in Healthcare

The demand for pharmaceutical prescriptions will continue to grow as generations age. Advances in medical technology and medication will also boost the need for more pharmacy jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technician jobs will grow by 7% by 2028. This growth is faster than the national average of all jobs and occupations.

2. Certification is Quick

Becoming a pharmacy technician can be a quick process. You don’t need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, so that saves you between two and four years. However, you still need to enroll in some technician program.

Some programs are as short as four months, while others may take 1-2 years. Many offer flexible classes allowing you to learn around your existing schedules.

The final step is receiving your certification and passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

3. Education is Affordable

The quick certification process — depending on the program you pursue — and the flexible class schedules allow you to work while you pursue your education.

Let’s say you have your pharmacy technician certification, but want to pursue a degree to move up to a pharmacist. You can pursue internships and externships to gain valuable hands-on experience. Many offer some payment to help you with your schooling and living expenses.

If you have a heavy class load that makes working full-time difficult, check out the scholarship and grant opportunities for pharmacy technicians and students.

4. Help and Work With People

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy helping others?

Pharmacy technicians feel more fulfilled than most jobs because you get to work with and see the people you’re helping every day. You will help people get the right medications and make sure they know how to take and use the medications safely.

Even if you’re in charge of the register or talking with customers, you’re making a difference in their day.

5. Work with Your Hands

Pharmacy technicians move around throughout their shift rather than staring at a computer screen all day.

You’ll be moving around measuring medications, labeling prescriptions, assisting customers, and more! Of course, some of your time you’ll need to work at a computer for inventory and documentation. Working with your hands allows you to see the work you do, which is a pretty rewarding feeling.

6. Work Environment Options

When you think of a pharmacy technician job, do you picture professionals working in a retail pharmacy?

If so, you may be happy to learn that pharmacy technicians can branch out to many other job settings. You can find work in hospitals, retirement/nursing homes, corrections facilities, mail-order pharmacies, and nuclear pharmacies.

You may also find working hours to be flexible. This is a great option for people with families, pursuing higher education, or those who enjoy work-life balance.

Some pharmacies are open 24-hours, and others are only open during the usual business hours. You can find hours and a regular schedule that works best for you.

Whatever your interests might be, you’re sure to find the right environment for you.

7. Everyday is Different

Since the job responsibilities of a pharmacy technician are many, you’ll find every day to be a little different. Some days may require more customer service, while others will have you in the back performing the “behind-the-scenes” tasks.

With a variety of responsibilities, you’ll find yourself too busy to become bored. Every day will bring new challenges that keep you learning throughout your career.

8. Opportunities to Advance Your Career

A career in the pharmacy industry offers many opportunities to advance in your career. The primary way to advance is to keep pursuing your education and training — most of which you can do while working as a pharmacy technician.

Your experience will be valuable should you decide to pursue a higher role in the pharmacy or change paths to another area of healthcare. Advancements include becoming a pharmacist, management, and pursuing an education in nursing.

There’s no limit for advancement opportunities in the healthcare industry.

9. Stable Pharmacy Technician Jobs

With the expected growth of pharmacy jobs over the next nine years, there is no shortage of pharmacy technician jobs.

If you enjoy or have experience in the customer service industry, this will give you a leg up in pursuing a job in a retail pharmacy.

You’ll find a job as a pharmacy technician to a reliable and stable one. The average turnover rate for pharmacists decreased to 5.6% in 2013.

However, pharmacy technician jobs have a slightly higher turnover rate. There’s no shortage of pharmacy technician jobs, and most pharmacies will welcome someone who is looking to stick around for a couple of years.

10. Learn How Medications Affect the Body

A neat aspect of working as a pharmacy technician is you get to learn how medications affect the human body.Throughout your training program, you’ll learn how different medications affect the body. Before you start working with medications, you’ll need to understand what different medications do.As a pharmacy technician, you may be double-checking pharmacists’ work. This ensures everything is accurate and safe. While you can’t give prescriptions or give medical advice, you can help people prevent mixing the wrong types of medicine. In a way, you’re helping save people’s lives.Learning how medications affect the body will help your education if you decide to pursue another area in healthcare. Experience as a pharmacy technician is valuable, no matter your career path.

11. Pharmacy Technician Pay

Most pharmacy technicians receive hourly pay. The perks of this are you’re paid for any extra hours you may have to work in a day or week.

It’s difficult to determine an average pay, as wages vary by state and city. The national average salary of a pharmacy tech is $33,060. Gaining experience and additional training will boost your payments over time.

Some pharmacies offer commission and bonus pay, which can add several hundred dollars to your base pay.

Then there are the benefits of working as a pharmacy technician. A big one is store-wide discounts. If you work at a retail pharmacy, you can enjoy discounts throughout the entire store!

Discounts and other benefits vary depending on the pharmacy.

12. Find Work Everywhere

Some jobs are only available in large cities or along the East and West coasts. Pharmacy technician jobs are available almost everywhere.

Every town and city needs access to a pharmacy. If you want to move to a warmer part of the country, you’re sure to find available jobs. If your partner receives a job opportunity across the country, you’ll be able to move with them and find a pharmacy tech job in that area, too.

Better yet, state pharmacy tech jobs have very similar requirements. In most cases, you won’t have to get recertified to work in a particular state.

Get Started on an Exciting and Rewarding Career!

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, college, or looking for a career change, working as a pharmacy technician is a fun and rewarding job! The challenges, experience, and training as a pharmacy technician will set you up for a career of success.

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