4 Tips for Having a Wedding Abroad

If you are fed up with the weather in the UK or want to make your wedding a little bit more exotic, having a wedding abroad can be a magical option for the bride and groom. However, although having a wedding abroad may seem ideal, there are extra considerations which you need to think about in order to make sure that the wedding week- as well as the day itself- runs smoothly.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

When choosing a destination for your wedding, you should make sure that it is a wise decision, with easy accessibility to all the facilities, venues, and suppliers that you are in need of. You also need to make sure that the destination’s cost is viable for your budget, with considerations, such as the flights and potential extra luggage for the dress and other wedding supplies, to think about. You will also need to think wisely about the destination itself- whether it has the type of weather and climate that you find desirable, whether the country contains the scenery that you want, such as the beach or a historic location, and whether the time of year that you are married coincides with any national festivals, peak tourist season, or any other interruptions to your wedding.

Consider Accommodation Options

You will also need to consider accommodation options for you and your guests, especially if you are planning to get married at a location that has no adjoining accommodation options. For instance, James Villa Holidays provides a selection of villas for Spain holidays, which can be hired for your honeymoon or the duration of your wedding, giving you a peaceful space where you can relax with your future spouse amidst the chaos of wedding planning and the approach of the big day. Luxury is important when it comes to your wedding day, and these villas provide you with a variety of facilities such as swimming pools to make the most out of your wedding and subsequent honeymoon, with many couples choosing to spend the extra time in the country after their guests have gone home.

Remember Your Guests

However, when you are marrying abroad, it is vital that you remember your guests, as travelling abroad for your wedding can prevent some guests from attending your wedding. Then, you should make sure that you opt for an accessible location with a range of cheap flights for guests, such as destinations in Europe, as this will allow all the people that you care about to be on your big day. You should also make sure that you send out invites far in advance so that guests have time to book flights, make travel arrangements, plan an extended holiday if they want to explore the country, and save for the cost of the holiday.

Think About the Legalities

To marry in another country though, you should always check the legalities of the ceremony, as some countries will only make marriages legally binding if you are a resident of that country, for example. They may also need extra documents to prove that you are eligible to be married, such as those that prove there are no objections to marriage. In these cases, you may have to have a second ceremony back in the UK to make sure that you are married in the eyes of the law.

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