Kate Middleton’s After-Baby Belly Praised

Until now, the journalists all over the world have been discussing Kate and William’s appearance with a newborn the day after his birth. Everyone compares Kate with other celebrities, and even Princess Diana, who also appeared before the cameras almost immediately after giving birth. It turns out that Kate can become a real heroine for the modern pregnant women generation.


So far none of the celebrities who gave birth did not dare to show their after-baby belly. Kate left the hospital with a belly almost as big as during her pregnancy. And she was not ashamed to show it! Taking into account that the Duchess’s body is watched as if under the microscope, it was logical to assume that Kate will hide her belly behind the baby and the diapers. But she bravely showed the world what a woman after childbirth really looks like.

After all, during labor a woman does not lose all the gained weight. The woman still has fluid, which comes out a few days after the childbirth. In addition, the uterus is not reduced in size immediately. This is the cause for a post-natal belly.

So, Kate showed courage, and did not hide her true shape. Leading British journalists wrote:
‘Oh just so lovely … she is fantastically brave to not hide her post birth shape. What a great role model she is. ‘

Indeed, before this, Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, and even Kate’s predecessor Princess Diana concealed their after-baby belly. They all appeared before the cameras the day after giving birth, but did not dare to reveal all the features of their body.

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