Strawberry to Provide White Teeth

Strawberries are the most pleasant and the easiest way to provide white teeth.

Strawberries to protect your stomach

This berry is recommended by New York dentists to use as toothpaste. After all, strawberries contain a large amount of malic acid, which has a whitening effect. It is especially useful to have strawberries after a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. These drinks stain tooth enamel, and strawberries will return its whiteness.

Dr. Karel Adina (New York) offers even to make toothpaste yourself – grind strawberries with baking soda and brush your teeth with the powder, and the snow-white smile is guaranteed. However, some of her colleagues believe that such a zealous cleaning is not necessary, since the malic acid erases the top layer of the enamel. And if you have gingivitis and caries, an excessive fondness for strawberries can damage your teeth.

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