Smarter People Drink More

People with high IQ levels are more likely to drink much alcohol. These are the conclusions drawn by a group of experts from the US and the UK.


The scientists have not found any clear explanation of this tendency yet, but they are confident that there is a direct link between the two phenomena.

The large-scale study included dividing the volunteers into 5 groups according to their IQ level. The participants were required to report on how often and how much they drank alcohol.

The most intelligent people turned out to drink alcohol more often and with greater pleasure, if compared with the others. Meanwhile, the people with an average intellectual level are not so explicitly addicted to alcohol.

The researchers also found that the people with high IQ are likely to drink more than the rest. Although it might be worthwhile to mention some facts about drinking problems before thinking that it’s alcohol that makes people smarter. Among alcohol abuse consequences are liver and heart diseases, pancreatitis, mood swings and brain damage, generally weaker immune system and even cancer.

However, the researchers note that the link between the amount of alcohol consumed and the level of logical thinking development is not fully understood yet. Therefore, alcohol consumption cannot be justified by the higher intellectual level.