3 Tips on How to Take Compliments

We all love compliments. However, in most cases when we hear the phrase “How beautiful you look today!”, we often reply, “Oh, it’s just a good dress”. Geniusbeauty.com knows how to learn to accept compliments properly.

Yound Woman at a Job Interview with her future Boss

Receive compliments is very pleasant, but even more pleasant is to be able to properly respond to them, so as not to diminish your merits and at the same time not to be considered a smug upstart. We’ll show you how to take each of the compliments.

”You look amazing!”

There is no need to say that the reason is the new dress or a good make-up, for which you have paid a lot. Why make excuses for the fact that you really look great today? No one is interested in the cause. Do not disclose the secrets that only you should know. Smile and say thank you. Your humble gratitude will produce a much greater effect than a chaotic excuse.

”Thanks to you, we have made a profitable contract”

In response to such a compliment we often begin to make excuses, saying that we did nothing special – just our job. Then the boss and colleagues will wonder whether you deserve this praise or not. Take the compliment with dignity, because you really did a great job. Tell them how you managed to achieve the result, what the difficulties were, and how you overcame them. Just do not go too far using the words “awful”, “impossible”, “hard”.

”You’re such an interesting conversationalist!”

And we begin to change the points saying “it’s not me, it’s you”. But why? It looks as if either you underestimate yourself and your mental capabilities, or you want to be convinced otherwise. Try to believe. This is not necessarily a compliment to respond. A sincere smile in acknowledgment of the fact that your ability to converse is appreciated, will be enough. And you knew that anyway.

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