How Celebrity Moms Lose Pregnancy Pounds – Uma Thurman

Uma ThurmanCelebrity moms seem to differ so much from ordinary women, although they can also suffer from swellings, toxicosis, when pregnant, and fall into postpartum depression, as well as many of us do. And, surely, similar to ordinary moms, most of them do have excess “pregnancy” weight after childbirth. The difference is that often enough they lose their pregnancy weight much faster. You already know some postpartum weight loss secrets of Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes. Today you’ll find out how Uma Thurman was getting slim after pregnancy.

How Zen and “Kill Bill” Helped Uma Thurman Lose Weight

Quentin Tarantino wrote the script “Kill Bill” just for Uma Thurman. She was pregnant at the time and couldn’t do crazy stunts. There was a one year delay in filming. Three months after she had a boy, the actress showed up at the movie set. She faced a challenge of losing 25 pregnancy pounds. Uma toiled nine till five learning how to handle a sword, mastering kung fu and yoga. She was offered a diet based on Zen philosophy. According to Zen, food is considered as the vital need instead of a source of pleasure. Zen diet bans all bitter, salty, spicy, fatty and fried dishes. Thurman ended up eating steamed meat and fish, beans, boiled and raw vegetables and drank green tea.

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Facts against Too Much Training

Contemporary science says overtraining makes the slimming process even harder. It is stressful and depressing. Intensive training is often followed by uncontrolled hunger. Medium training including toning exercises and constitutional walk have a better effect.

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