A Woman's Belly Resembles Late Pregnancy after Meals

Kerri Dowdswell from Staffordshire is a slim, young girl who exercises regularly. But everything changes after she has had her dinner. Her belly swells so much that strangers think she is in the last months of pregnancy, The Daily Mail reports. However, after a few hours, her belly is back to its normal size.

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Recently, the problem has become very serious, and the girl has to wear pants for pregnant women when she is going to eat. For about ten years, doctors have tried to determine the cause for this unusual condition. Tests for food allergies do not show anything, and the exclusion of certain foods did not help either (at first doctors thought she had gluten intolerance).

Tests for irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause similar symptoms, were negative. Doctors shrug and say that she will just have to live with it. The state of the girl cannot be predicted accurately. Sometimes it is enough for her to eat a small piece of cake to change beyond recognition. She does not suffer pain, but bloated belly gives her great inconvenience.

Such episodes began when Kerri Dowdswell entered puberty. With age, the situation was only getting worse. Now her belly increases within 15 minutes after a meal, but sometimes it occurs within a few hours. Bloating does not happen after every meal, but a few episodes per week are recorded constantly.

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