Vacation Reloads Inner Biological Clock

An average person’s inner clock lags behind for two hours. But it can be adjusted, if you just spend a week in the countryside. As a result, you will immediately feel the difference, as your health improves. In particular, sleep and wakefulness modes improve.


The author of the study, Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado, says that by increasing the impact of daylight and reducing the influence of the electric lighting at night, we can fix our inner biologicall clock, which will make it simpler to wake up in the morning and stay tuned.

This was proved by the experiments with eight volunteers. The people were sent to a camp for a week. The only light sources were the sun and the fire. The use of cell phones and flashlights was banned. The participants went to bed when they wanted to. As a result, in normal circumstances, people went to bed after midnight and got up at about 8 am. After a week in the woods, they fell asleep at 10 pm and got up at 6 in the morning. Moreover, everyone felt fine.

The reason is simple: due to the widespread use of artificial lighting, the level of melatonin, sleep hormone, is reduced to daily values only two hours after the wakeup. Therefore, it makes sense to sun bathe in the morning and turn off the lights and computers in the evening.

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