Glasses Read for Blind People

A group of students have developed glasses that can read almost any text to the blind people – whether it’s an advertisement, an inscription on a label, or even a book.


During the research contest in the field of social entrepreneurship, the students from Florida International University have created Eyetalk glasses, designed to facilitate the interaction of the blind with the world. The Eyetalk concept involves the use of lightweight, miniature electronic components and advanced text recognition system that will allow voicing ad texts, texts on labels, and even the contents of books without an Internet connection.

A working prototype of the device is not as elegant as a three-dimensional model, but it copes with its main task. Subsequent versions will not only be smaller, but will recognize the text on one of many languages. To create Eyetalk, the students did not have to “reinvent the wheel”, they simply adapted the existing technology to the needs of people without vision. Investors have recognized their development as perspective and demanded in different parts of the world.