Having Lunch Outside Office Reduces Job Efficiency

People who prefer having lunch at the office are more productive in the afternoon than the employees having their noon meal in the city, The Daily Mail writes.

Grilled food

After an hour’s break, the latter group of workers gets back into the office sleepy and with a reduced concentration. The brain activity is reduced, and there is a risk of making a mistake.

Dr. Werner Sommer from Humboldt University emphasizes that lunch in the restaurant gets you relaxed. As a result, the control of cognitive processes weakens for some time. If a person works at a factory, in the laboratory or is engaged in calculations, it is dangerous. However, with creative work, on the contrary, relaxation will help.

Lunches in the office and outside it are very different. The factors such as chatting with friends, a change of scenery, a lack of time restraints play their role. But the menu itself, apparently, does not have such a significant impact.

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