Gel to Prolong Orgasm

A new way of making sex as pleasurable as possible has been created in the form of gel. The gel is said to prolong and intensify woman’s orgasm. After applying it, the orgasm may last 3 times more. As scientists claim, the orgasm of an average woman lasts 25-30 seconds. The orgasm gel developers claim, that the female sexual peak is going to last up to 107 seconds with it.


The gel is derived from natural ingredients. It contains L-arginine and L-histadine, which are amino acids. They dilate blood vessels and help trigger orgasm. According to the scientists, the gel has already been tested, it’s effective and works for women of all ages. 91% of women experienced new feelings after using the gel.

107 seconds of orgasm are very difficult to imagine, but the developers state it. Even 50 seconds sound weird. Now men would think: this is something that is going to make women want sex much more often. Well, we’ll see if it’s going to be popular. If someone has already tried it, please, share your experience.

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