Long-Awaited Vacation: Is It Worth It?

VacationManagement of a British company came up with idea to research how much time people on their vacation can afford to spend purely for rest. The results of the survey, which involved three thousand of British tourists, shocked the researchers since it turned out that the planning and examination of the potential routes for the trip take much more time than the pleasure they receive from the vacation itself. So, maybe vacations are not worth the effort?

Preparation for Vacation

There is no single answer to this question, each person decides for himself or herself. The researchers can only announce the data they collected. So, it turns out that it takes 18 days for an average European to decide where to have the coming vacation, while the vacations usually do not last longer than 9 days. Another six hours go for deciding on the hotel to stay in, 8 hours on shopping for the trip, tidying oneself up, and packing.

Adaptation to Vacation

Once at the destination, we also need some amount of time to recover from the road stress, unpack the suitcases, and get used to the new surroundings. In any case, the results of the study show that the adaptation period usually takes two days, nine hours, and 25 minutes.

Vacations Mean Stress?

Apparently, for those reasons 16% of the respondents said that vacations are not worth the effort. At the same time, 25% state that they can never fully relax during their vacation due to the tormenting problems which should have been left behind at home. As for me, packing before the vacations and unpacking after the trip, when I’m already home, mean a big stress, no matter how good the trip itself was.

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