5 Signs of Fading Love

Many girls and women reluctantly admit when they’ve screwed up the choice of the partner. He could seem to be the best man in the world, but still you get this feeling in the back of your mind that something’s wrong. You spend time together and dream of your future, but, incomprehensibly, you don’t feel quite happy about it. And, probably, it’s not his fault. Maybe, you are simply not that much in love with him.


At least not to the point where you feel you crave to build serious and lasting relationship. If you are trying to stick to let well enough alone philosophy once again and all your friends are telling you that you’ll never find a better boyfriend, here is a simple thing to consider: every minute you spend with the “wrong” man means you waste a minute of happiness which you could have spent with the man you really need. Here are five signs which will help you understand that your current partner is not exactly your soul mate.

1. You Don’t Miss Him

You can’t stop thinking about the man whom you really love. You think you’ve recognized his face in a crowd and there you are re-reading his messages, planning what to make for dinner and dreaming of romantic night together. If you are not in love, you care less.

2. You Don’t Rush to Introduce Him to Your Close Friends and Family

Even if he is a decent man, you are somehow worried that he is not going to hit it off with your close friends or family. The fact that he doesn’t really impress you is what makes you think that way. Here is another explanation why you are reluctant to “disclose” him: deep down you are afraid that your close people would feel your indifference and wonder why you keep this relationship.

3. You Don’t Get Upset When He Is Away From You at Night

He goes to the bar with his buddies Friday night? No worries. Then Saturday he calls to tell you that he’s going to hang out with his school mates. You wish to have fun and agree you will see each other later. If you don’t care when you kind of don’t fit into his plans (and moreover, if you feel like happy about it), that’s really an omen.

4. You Don’t Want Him

We all sometimes feel not in the mood for sex. Weariness, stresses, not feeling well can explain this. But if it has suddenly struck you that you don’t really want your partner at all, you have to do something about your relationship right away. Listen to what your body is telling you: if you don’t gravitate towards him physically, it is likely to be emotional, too.

5. You Look for Somebody Else Subconsciously

You think there is nothing wrong if you are making inquires as to whether one of you colleagues is dating somebody. “I don’t flirt with him and we don’t exchange digits, anyway”. Don’t fool yourself because what you do is looking for somebody else.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/jasmincormier.

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