5 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

There are common mistakes partners who have lived together for some time begin to make when dealing with each other. Some of such blunders may jeopardize even robust marriages.

Couple Restaurant Fight

Boundless Jealousy

Many articles, books and research papers have been written about how ruinous jealousy could be on the relationship. Moderately, like a gentle flirt, this feeling is good and adds some degree of poignancy and flavor to the relationship. “He’s jealous because he loves me”. But all things are good when you don’t cross a line in the sand.

Sometimes we cross it and jealousy that was within the boundaries of a gentle flirt turns into a morbid and destructive feeling. Jealousy wrecks everything: family, love, health. It affects your relationship, it affects children. Sooner or later a man who is under the pressure of jealous woman may break down and start a real love affair outside marriage. Just following a banal principle: “not to be a loser”.

Sex as a Weapon

He buys a diamond necklace and it leaves you for a week with no headaches. He forgets to take away the garbage and pays a compliment to your female friend so when in bed you draw an invisible line and turn your back on him. That is what is called complete manipulation.

But any manipulation is nothing else but compulsion. That is, to put it simply, violence.

Sooner or later, after he gets tired of this kind of relationship, the man will find a more amenable, healthy and sexy partner. Contrary to the popular belief that it is hard to build any sort of strong relationship on the sexual basis, in this case it could be a good starting point. It does not matter if the man will stay with his mistress or not. What matters is that he will leave the family.

Continual Criticism

Within reasonable limits, criticism for this or that action your man takes is a powerful incentive for him to achieve self-improvement. However, criticism is such a delicate matter that it is important to garner all age-long female wisdom and not to go too far. He puts his socks in the wrong place, he doesn’t put them anywhere at all, he doesn’t pay attention, he watches your life too closely, he works too much, he works too little, he doesn’t work at all, he doesn’t earn, he earns too little while your dad/former husband… blah, blah, blah.

Facing reproach and censure for everything he does the man will wind up thinking whether he who is so bad is worthy of you who are so good. Or he might begin to think of some other things. The result of his deliberations may spell the drastic end for your relationship.

Too Much of Everything

Too much of chatter, control, emotions. Continual intrusion into your partner’s life often brings about an effect that’s different from what the girls who control their man’s every step and suffocating him with their every minute care and attention and talk might expect.

They think that the man will under no circumstance reject such ‘care and comfort’ and their permanent presence near their men exemplifies the saying about a flower that smell sweeter when close to nose.

Having no personal space, the man at some point ceases to understand where you end and his own ego begins.

But a man with his ego lost can never be an adequate personality. And anyone’s first natural reaction in such a situation is to push the limits of his personal space a bit. By, for example, getting rid of you.

Against the Will

If he does not follow you in your shopping tour, it makes sense to leave him alone and do your Sunday shopping yourself. Maybe he also has not missed your cousin long enough and would dedicate his day-off to some domestic cares (watching football; you and only you; children) and so on. But you want him necessarily to be where you want him to be and do what you tell him.

To achieve this, women resort to various sorts of manipulations – from primitive compulsion to speculation on his feelings. Like tears, resentment. Manipulations that are actually violence have already been mentioned. What makes things worse is that by accommodating himself to your tastes that are in conflict with his own the man loses his own personal space. It also has already been mentioned. Sooner or later, he will revolt. It is not difficult to figure out what this will develop into.

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