A Bracelet to Protect from Sunburns

An invention of British scientists from University of Stratchclyde might allow us to sunbath without the danger of burning our skin. The scientists have developed a bracelet-like strip which changes its color, warning of too much sun exposure.

Safe Suntan

Developers claim the strip will help avoid many diseases related to excessive ultra-violet exposure, including cataract, skin cancer and erythema.

This thin strip is filled with “intelligent ink” which turns pink after too much exposure to UV light. The bracelet works with any skin type and is expected to be low in cost.

Sun Bracelet in Action

Doctors, however, warn that even with this bracelet on sunbathers have to use sunscreens. According to dermatologists, the signs of suntan are showing off 4-8 hours after staying in the sun, even if you wear clothes. Sun’s activity may be deceptive and the signs of sunburn do not appear immediately, but this innovative bracelet can help protect the skin from UV light negative effects, the researchers hope.

Source of the image: designandbehaviour.rsablogs.org.uk, flickr.com/photos/ninajeaninephotography.