Hippo Sweat Will Be Used in Sun Tan Lotion

What sunscreen do you use on the beach? Well, get ready to toss it out because scientists are coming up with a revolutionary sun tan lotion. New generation of sunscreens will be based on hippo sweat.

Tanned Girl and Hippo

This fresh idea was born in California State University, US. Californian scientists wondered how it is that hippos can spend up to 10 hours in bright sunlight without suffering a sun burn. They found that hippos produce protective reddish secretion like we produce sweat. Hippo sweat protects them from UV light and acts both as an antiseptic and insect-repellent.

Scientists have already analyzed the sweat and believe they might develop a new generation of hippo sweat based sun tan lotions soon.

Source of the images:flickr.com/photos/kanaka, flickr.com/photos/arnolouise.

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