A New Word in Laptop Cooling Pads – the Crystal Idea

Laptop upgrade process has recently expanded onto the cooler area. The best thing you can do to your favorite laptop is to change its cooler for the brand-new gadget from ThermaPAK. It is not just better, it is a different thing altogether! ThermaPAK has disposed of fans (and using additional energy) and made a cooling pad employing a totally innovative technology involving the use organic crystals. By the way, organic crystals are highly eco-friendly.

ThermaPAK Laptop Cooling Pad

The advantages are many. Apart from making no demands on your laptop’s battery power, the new HeatShift pads enhance its performance. Moreover, they are supposed to put the computer’s temperature down about nine degrees Fahrenheit lower as compared to the common brand coolers. They are light and quiet; they allow for an easy washing procedure that enables you to reuse them.

ThermaPAK Pads with Organic Crystals

Interested in getting a look inside? When your laptop starts emitting heat, the HeatShift cooler crystals start to melt. Channel air is sucked in cooling some areas, and differently heated areas keep on exchanging heat trying to maintain an average temperature. As soon as you shut down the laptop the crystals begin to return to their solid state, and soon they are ready for the next session. This technology received the high appraisal it credits at the International CES Innovations 2009.

The HeatShift coolers can be purchased in 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch sizes tailored for any laptop size, design and color. The prices are $27.99, $29.99 and $34.99 respectively, and if you hand in your old cooler you can get a 50 % discount.

Source of the image: thermapak.com.