Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Benefits & Tips

The world is under a real revolution in terms of ecological approach to many aspects of our lives. People are switching to eco-friendly resolutions in many cases. Electric cars are more often visible on the road, the importance of waste sorting is increasingly recognized in households. We save water, reusable bags are commonplace… Maybe it’s a great time to say “hello” also to ecological solutions in case of home cleaning?

Eco cleaning vs. traditional cleaning products

Clothes washing detergents, dishwashing liquids, and all-purpose cleaning products are usually full of chemicals. This is an undeniable truth that has been documented by various studies. They’re very dangerous to the environment and people as well. Which of the toxins are especially dangerous for our planet?

  • Triclosan – universal agent for cleaning bathrooms and toilets. It’s very toxic to aquatic organisms. Traces of Triclosan were found in, among others in fish and dolphins.
  • 1,4-Dioxane – useful for the production of surfactants. It is toxic to aquatic plants and invertebrates. Carcinogenic to both animals and humans.
  • Phosphates – present for example in floor cleaners. Highly harmful to fish. Wastewater treatment plants are able to remove only 30% of phosphate, the rest goes to waters and kills aquatic organisms. There are known studies involving goldfish that were exposed to phosphate. Increased breathing, covered with mucus… The fish died.
  • Phthalates – they appear as fragrances in air fresheners and laundry detergents. They’re responsible for developmental and reproductive defects in females of fish. They cause fish and frogs feminization. Highly toxic to crustaceans and algae.

This is just a small pinch of toxins, which we can find in traditional household detergents. Replacing chemicals by eco cleaning is a small step towards saving our environment. More and more people are interested in reducing the negative impact on the environment. Thanks to this, fewer and fewer harmful substances fall into the sewage every year. It’s worth to know, that products with natural ingredients aren’t harmful to the planet, and at the same time they’re as effective as traditional detergents.

The advantages of earth-friendly cleaning

Chemicals contained in traditional cleaning products are toxic also for our health. Exposure to hazardous substances isn’t neutral to our organisms. Frequent allergies, problems with the respiratory system… We often don’t realize that even a small exposure to chemicals, multiplied by several years of using them during house cleaning, has serious consequences.

Eco cleaning also excludes dangers for our children and pets. Products made with all-natural ingredients pose no risks to them. For example, AspenClean has 100% kid & pet-friendly products. Other producers of ecological cleaning products are also common with this extremely important trend. Therefore, you can be sure that no animal was hurt during the production and testing of eco products. It’s cruelty-free and vegan.

Biodegrade and plant-derived formulas of eco cleaning products ensure that cleaning agent residues, which end up in the environment, will be quickly decomposed. The issue of packaging is also very important. Eco cleaning products are mainly packaged in bottles, which are recycled and recyclable. It means a lot in the era of overproduction of garbage.

Earth-friendly cleaning is finally safe for the environment, pets, and humans. One small change and how many benefits for the entire planet!

Eco cleaning agents aren’t everything

On the occasion of changing consumer habits into more ecological ones, it is worth considering also more eco-friendly cleaning tools. Bamboo cloths, reusable paper towels… We’ll easily find them on Amazon. All of these things can also be produced in accordance with ecological guidelines.

Not only are these things visually pretty, but not an ounce of plastic was used in their production too. They are reusable, which means that we’ll not contribute to the increasing amount of rubbish lying in landfills every year.

Switching into eco cleaning provides many tangible benefits. You protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of using household chemicals. Because there are no chemicals in them! There will be no toxic substances in nature because there are no toxins in it, only natural ingredients – simple but effective. You won’t find any plastics in eco-friendly cleaning tools. Less is more – and that’s the motto of eco-friendly cleaning.

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