Sex Tips for Dummies

We have collected the most important information that will make your sex even more enchanting. We have prepared a guide covering the most important topics that every adult should be aware of. We released it during the holidays not by chance: you will have more time to practice. So go ahead!

  • Taking the initiative is normal.
  • Taking into account the partner’s interests is important.
  • Making sure both agree to sex is safe.
  • Using condoms is safe for your health.
  • If there is no erection or arousal – well, it happens. Do not focus on this, support your partner and run through the list above – maybe the reason can be found there.
  • Using toys is not a perversion.
  • Practicing games is normal.
  • Thinking about emotional security and harmony must always be there.
  • Your sex preferences are your own business. No need to be ashamed of them.
  • If you don’t want to practice anything new or unusual, that is fine. A missionary position is always available, and it may be quite interesting.

  • The desire to invite a third person is normal. Just do not forget about safety rules.
  • Wanting sex frequently is normal. Wanting it rarely is normal, too.
  • The partners’ sexual temperament may not match.
  • Nevertheless, differences in temperament can be smoothed out.
  • The way to female orgasm is slightly different from that of men. Read about it.
  • Masturbation is also sex. There is nothing shameful in it.
  • Everyone has the right to tell about their desires. Everyone has the right to refuse to fulfill the desires of others.

  • Sex with a partner means pleasure for both.
  • Porn is good in moderation.
  • To be mistaken is not a shame. It’s a shame to not be able to talk about sex with a partner.
  • Checking your intimate health regularly is a must.
  • It’s cool to take care of yourself and your partner.
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